TAGR #3: How to Program Your Mind

Think And Grow Rich #3: Auto-Suggestion

This is one of the arenas where
Think And Grow Rich was both
ahead of its time, and somewhat
behind ours. The principle of
Auto Suggestion basically states
that the only way to change the
belief patterns that control our
unconscious behavior, and
emblazon our goals in our
hearts is to repeat our goals
and dreams again and again,
daily, with powerful emotions.
This technique works, it really
does, but you MUST combine
it with emotion.

Better still,
use powerful body language,
read your goals and dreams
aloud, use strong voice and
facial expression, perform a daily ritual
of motion (do it while exercising!) and ACT
like the person who can make
your dreams come true. In
exactly the same way that
hearing negative things about
yourself, or saying negative
things about yourself, for
sufficient time can crush your
will, saying POSITIVE things,
focused things, determinative
things again and again, for
days, weeks, and months will
change you.

It must be
accompanied by action, but
this is the basic way Napoleon
Hill recommends that you use
conscious action to change
the unconscious mind.

1) Reduce your goals and
plans for actions to writing.

2) Read them aloud with
passion, morning and night.

3) See yourself accomplishing
them. Act as if you believe it.
Speak and move as if you believe
it. “Fake it till you make it!”


I mentioned that Hill was both ahead
of his time and behind
our own. Self-Hypnosis, NLP,
and other disciplines can increase
the rate of change, and I strongly
suggest that you delve into them.
The 30-Day challenge was designed around
this idea: chanting, visualizing, and affirming
while moving powerfully is a dynamite way to
program your own mind. And 30 days is long enough to
begin to see the effect!

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