The only 100% guaranteed path to success: begin with gratitude!

Secret Formula #4: Gratitude

The best prayers are prayers of thanks and gratitude–not “begging”.  When you begin yur day with a sense of gratitude, you are giving yourself the emotions that others think they have to have external accomplishment or validation to experience.   I ask you to consider: what if that is precisely wrong?  What if, instead of accomplishing to feel joyful, we joyfully accomplish?

The point of a “morning ritual” is to deliberately center yourself in the intentions, emotions, and attitudes that

  1. Allow you to feel your very best: dynamic, creative, confident, energetic, optimistic.
  2. Allow you to access your intelligence and creativity with greatest efficiency and effectiveness.  See #1.


With crystal-clear goals expressed in constant, massive action and a belief that you CAN and SHOULD do it, all that remains is a sense of joy and gratitude for all the blessings in your life.  If you can’t think of them, keep thinking.

Are you loved? Have you friends? Are your friggin’ ALIVE and have another blessed day of existence to savor this beautiful world?   Do you have past victories?  Do you have arms and legs and eyes?

No matter where you are, no matter your situation, if you can read these words I PROMISE you that there are people with less than you who are happier than you are.    And people with more who are miserable.

It’s your choice.   How do you control your emotions?

  1. What you focus on
  2. How you use language
  3. How you use your body.

Every single day, and I mean EVERY day, I move my body (Tai Chi) while focusing on my goals, focusing on faith, reminding myself what I’m grateful for, and remembering that all the power, intelligence, creativity and courage I need in life is already within me.   Every damned day.

When I don’t, I start “losing” myself, start feeling bland and blah and vaguely uncomfortable with existence.  When I perform my ritual, I accomplish far more in a day, and am far happier.

Really, seriously, the choice is yours.

Begin with gratitude.  Begin where others think they’ll end.  Any day you are grateful…you’ve already won.



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