“`Not-Two’ is not precisely true. But `two’ is precisely `not-true.'”

I realize that since I’ve combed through the fifteen years I’ve been posting thoughts on personal development, I’ve not had as much to say.  Have…felt a little sad.  And realized the reason.  I’ve finished the “growth” phase of my life, and am entering the “refinement” stage, where I am whittling away, and away.  What I have to do is look at the following elements, each extracted from a different teacher or tradition, and flavored with personal experience:

  1. Lifewriting
  2. Soulmate
  3. Ancient child
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Spiritual Autolysis
  6. “Secret Formula”
  7. Daily ritual

As there are not two truths (one of my favorite comments about non-dualism is that “`not-two’ is not precisely true. But two is precisely `not-true.’” Lovely.), any true statement is a description of the same thing, seen from a different perspective.

I could break the above six into more elements (and could take any one of them and break it down into a hundred or thousand different things) they already overlap and blur together. They are part of each other, like different facets of the same gem. Some more practical, some more esoteric. Some more mental, some more emotional. Some tactical, some strategic, some philosophical, some practical and immediate.

And all saying the same thing. I’m not sure how to proceed from here, other than to continue doing my own work (being husband and father, writer and coach, martial artist and yogi) and re-combining and refining them, without going above seven different aspects. It is odd to feel…complete.

Although there are infinite things to learn or experience about the material world, in terms of “what is true” I have far too much, am far too busy. But I feel the singularity, the place where they all connect, and from which all change and variation arises. I really, really wonder what will arise from this. Hoping to share as much of this as I can. And wonder what awaits beyond the next seven steps… because that’s as far as I can see. Riding on faith now.

What a ride!

Namaste, Steve

(P.S.–if I had to choose one and only one…it would be “heartbeat meditation”. But I would ground myself in the others, and then simplify, simplify simplify…until only the heartbeat, a living pulse of love, remains.)

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