Your Life Is Not A “Lemon”

There is no “magic bullet” for depression, anxiety, obesity, internal issues of all kinds. No therapist, meditation, operation, or whatever. Nothing you can do once that will “fix” years of issues.

The ego is a tricky bastard, and will try to convince you that habits that took years to implant, problems that took decades to ripen, should be handled in days, weeks or months.

You need to have a daily ritual of thought, movement, and emotion.

Tell me your daily rituals, and I’ll tell you your life.

Exercise daily and keep a food journal? That’s one body. No exercise and food unconsciousness? Another?

Daily meditation and journaling? One psyche. Allowing the cess-river of daily news, political debate, human negativity and existential angst to flow over you unchallenged? That’s another. Daily checking your account to see your finances and net worth? That’s one financial path. Inability to balance your check book? That’s another.

Re-writing your goals daily and being crystal clear on what a perfect “today” would be to implement them? That’s one life. Vague or no goals, and hoping for “luck” to bring your dreams to you? That’s another. Daily focus on goals, actions, faith and gratitude? That’s one life. Rooting in the trough of our unfulfilled dreams, betrayals, failures, fears, guilt, blame and shame? That’s another.

It isn’t fair that we have to take control. It isn’t un-fair. It just “is.” Stand on the beach and scream at the waves that it is “unfair” your shoes are getting wet. Or…back away. Or…take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the wet sand.

The problems of life are always there. But so are the beauties and gifts. People who experience joy in life don’t necessarily have better external circumstances, but they have internal RITUALS when events occur, ways they sort events, filters that see both positive and negative events (you need both–negative to know what to move away from, positive to know what to move toward), beliefs that say they are Children of God (or some other positive construct).

And they maintain those structures with meditation, prayer, journaling, associating with positive people, seeking flow state, moving toward their goals, taking daily action, loving themselves, getting hugs, or whatever else they need to remain balanced and dynamic.

I remember listening to a group of folks, long ago, complaining about their bodies. They were upset that the human body was so badly designed. Your spine is such an inefficient and ineffective structure, you see, and we fall apart so easily…

I looked at what they were eating, their passive habit patterns, lack of healthy sleep, and other issues and realized they had been given BMWs and never changed the oil, checked the tires, tuned up the car, and that they poured sugar in the gas tank every day…and then complained about having a “lemon.”

So foolish, so childish, so sad.

It’s your choice. You can have a lemon of a life, or you can have a classic.

Just tune-up daily, would you, please?




  1. Miss my son, his wife and two very young daughters. They are busy. Have a daughter, son-in-law and brand new baby nearby, a huge blessing.married, issues with extended family, last night had a hard time sleeping, thinking of people who have hurt me. Thoughts of suicide, again this evening as I wash dinner dishes. Then read this wonderful blog, thankfully. I am working on moving my life out of the lemon stage and start making lemonade. Daily goals will help. Thank you.


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