A “Brilliant” review

“Brilliant”.   That’s an awfully lovely review to hear on the first launch day for the new ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY program.   “The fact you are using a meditation to process the emotions that comes with the movement… brilliant.” Tai Chi, Yoga, martial arts, deep massage…all of them have the capacity to stir up emotions locked in the body.  The Hawaiian Huna “the body is a black bag where you store unprocessed emotions” comes to mind here.  And unless you are prepared to process them, you will slowly become less and less comfortable with your physical transformation…until you eventually give up, or sabotage them, or arrange to injure yourself, or…we’ve all seen it countless times, and it isn’t just about the body.

Try making more money, or gaining more success than fits your self image or is supported by your family dynamics, beliefs, or values.  Financial suicide.

Try diving into a relationship more deeply than you are prepared for.  Watch the self-destructive behavior.  The truth is that we were born with the capacity to love deeply and well, thrive financially, and relish our physicality.  And anything less than that is damage we picked up along the way, or conflicting “programs” in the biocomputer.

The way out of this mess, the way to cut through the Gordian Knot our lives can become (we’re all raised by amateurs!) is to start by loving ourselves enough to conquer fear, anger, and guilt but also enough to commit 100% to PROTECTING ourselves, our dreams, our hearts.  And thence…to healing.

The next step is to, simultaneously, awaken ourselves from “sensory motor amnesia” and increase our energy.

Learning to move like a healthy animal demands healthy emotions, and the feedback loop is stupendous.  And that means stupendously bad (physical abuse encodes fear in the body, fear builds walls.  Those walls not only protect us but confine us) or stupendously good (love dissolves fear and anger, leads to faith and gratitude.  Filling our hearts leads to the desire to share, leading to relationships, but also to the natural, healthy urge to hunt and gather for both self AND family, to having a blissful sexual relationship with someone we can share our life with. The physical body is the vehicle for all of this, and pride in its maintenance is a natural thing.  Anything else is UNNATURAL and learned)

So yes…meditation and movement in the same package.  However you manage to process your emotions (journaling, therapy, meditation, etc.) you’ll need to clean away the schmutz or you will push and push and push…and rebound back to your lower, more comfortable level.  Don’t even try to pretend you don’t know what I mean: we’ve all done it, and watched it done by others, countless times.

Create your own combination of physical, mental, and emotional tools, and skyrocket.  Or, if you want to get a boost, just order the ANCIENT CHILD 30-Day program, use it for a month, and see exactly what I’m talking about.  One month.

You’re worth it.  You deserve it.

You know you do.



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