“I keep falling asleep…”

A common complaint during meditation or using an hypnotic tape is falling asleep.  Totally easy to understand, as you are often using a lot of the same tools or techniques one uses for sleep: relaxation, comfortable space, a sense of safety, etc.   In fact, the mental space used for hypnosis, “Yoga Nidra”, and deep visualization is very similar to the “hypnogogic state” we enter just before sleep (and first thing in the morning when we wake up.)

So when you’re using the new ANCIENT CHILD audio, its perfectly natural if you nod off.  Some thoughts.

  1. You may simply be tired.  Be certain you are getting your 7-9 hours of sleep every night.
  2. It has long fascinated me that many of the same people who “nod off” otherwise have difficulty sleeping.  One suspects that there are either emotional issues (not feeling safe, stress) that once unraveled release deep exhaustion or:
  3. There is avoidance connected with that stress.That something in the mind does not want to perform the visualizations: it knows, or fears, that it will lead to change.  The sleeplessness is another manifestation of the same fear.
  4. The deep relaxation used on the MP3 will teach you how to “shut your brain and body down” for sleep.
  5. If you fall asleep while lying down, try sitting up but leaning back, with your back supported by a wall, pillow, or chair.
  6. Even if you fall asleep every time perform your weekly session anyway.  The unconscious mind is deep, and can pick up information from the environment even when the conscious mind has crashed out.

In other way, so long as you persist, there is no way to do this program “wrong” if you simply learn from every experience.   In fact, that exploration is precisely the point.

One core idea is that no one can perform 21 Tibetans, make loving connection with her own heart, embrace your “inner child” and “inner elders”, and perform the Morning ritual of motion, focus  and emotion for 30 days without putting her hands firmly on the wheel of life.   Without seeing exactly how to love herself, care for herself, and create the life she desires with efficiency and effectiveness.

Have problems getting there?  It means you are human, that’s all.  But…the body doesn’t lie. If you can’t do it, you can’t hallucinate you are healthier than you are.  If you can’t focus, stay awake, or get yourself to perform a simple task for 20 minutes a day for a month…you know the work you have to do.

If you can’t clarify your goals, feel faith that you CAN and SHOULD have it, define and perform the daily behaviors that will place responsibility for results in YOUR hands, and feel gratitude for the life and opportunities and resources you have…

If you can’t embrace your own heart, and the child within you and commit to protect her and her dreams with every drop of your strength–

Then the work is clearly defined.  If you need to go to Fiverr and hire a personal assistant to bug you everyday to do your program, do it.  If you need to share your program with a friend to support you…I’ll look the other way.

If you need to adjust the Tibetans or perform more Joint Recovery or substitute a simple walking session, or dancing, or stretching…

Do it.  You’re a grown-assed adult.  If you don’t take responsibility, it’s like sleeping at the wheel of your car, careening down a mountain road, while your kids are screaming in the back seat.

SOMEONE had better be in control.

Why not you?



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