It ain’t what you don’t know…

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain


My favorite thing about creating a new tool is watching people actually applying it in their lives.  This allows me to judge efficiency and effectiveness, and to see what I need to add to the package, or adjust in its presentation.   Got this note yesterday on the ANCIENT CHILD 30-DAY PROGRAM:

Hi Steven,


Last night I listened to the Ancient Child mp3 for the first time and thought it was something that would take a while to “sink in.”


Today I had an out-of-proportion reaction to a minor event–I was told about someone I know losing something-like a model airplane, a toy. I was near tears, my chest constricted, I wanted to be comforted. Became deeply depressed. So I decided to freewrite. After about half a page, as I let my thoughts flow through my fingers I wondered if last night’s meditation had anything to do with it. As soon as I addressed the Ancient Child, I found myself asking her how I could make her feel better, even if I should buy her a replacement (I mentally had her lose her toy). To my utter, utter surprise, she wrote back that it was all fine. She loved the time we spent playing and she was so glad I loved her!


If this is the kind of thing we should be expecting, perhaps you could give students some ideas of how to process what comes up. I always write to find my center and access my creativity (I’m a poet) so I had something to go to. But if I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have know what to do.


Thanks for everything.




Ruth is dead-on accurate about such emotions arising.  This is why journaling, meditation, and therapy are perfect adjuncts to the “Ancient Child” practice.   Those who are in therapy should share the AC with their therapist, and let them know precisely what they are doing.   I’ve worked in conjunction with medical professionals on this account many times.    There are several “safety rails” built into the practice, and it is hugely “generative.”


However, what “Ruth” describes: writing a letter from your “child” self to your “adult” self, is a primary exercise.   One can make it even more powerful by writing with their non-dominant hand (if right-handed, right the letter with your left.)  Write as fast as you can.


Your intention is to strip away conflicting, disempowering or false belief patterns and values, replacing them with those you would have adopted if you had had conscious control over such things as a child.  Healing and personal evolution is less a matter of “learning” things than it is “unlearning” things that ain’t true.


When you remove the shadows, or learn the lessons from the negative experiences (learning the lesson allows you to release the fear) what remains is love for yourself.   Here’s the trick: that sense of love is EXACTLY what you have sought your entire life.  Nothing you have ever done has been anything other than an attempt to regain that sense of wholeness, connectedness, safety and joy.  EVERYTHING has been “merely” an attempt to recreate…that.


When you give yourself the gift of love, then instead of accomplishing and striving so that you can experience joy…you joyfully accomplish and strive.   Precisely, exactly, reverse the typical syntax.   Trust the evolutionary power within human beings: we were born to grow and reveal our true selves.


The fear people have is that, at the core, they are something corrupt, ugly, sinful.  That if they dive deep within themselves, they will learn that those who hurt, abused, ignored, betrayed or otherwise damaged them were justified in doing so.


THIS is why beginning with love…and then embracing your “child”…and then connecting with your higher wisdom is so amazingly healing and powerful.  If you have no serious issues on this level, you will “race” through this portion, and refine your sense of connection to reach higher levels of energy, aliveness, joy and creativity.  But if there IS a blockage or disconnect…there is a chance that you have never experienced the simple joy of being, of emotional integration.  And in that case, the Ancient Child practice will seem miraculous.



NOTE:  SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT!   Until Midnight, Christmas Day, I’m including, as a FREE extra, the complete F.E.A.R. course with your Ancient Child purchase!  All negative emotions are some version of fear.  Master this emotion, and what remains in your life is love and joy.   If you, or someone you know has this issue, PLEASE don’t miss this opportunity.

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