The Best Month of Your Life

“I haven’t been this happy, felt this productive or confident in over a decade”–Wendy Grace

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear feedback like this about your work.  THAT’S the ticket.  Do you know when you are happy?  When you feel you are flowing in your life, being where you need to be, doing what you need to do, heading in the direction of growth, love, health, and contribution.  Just doing your “morning ritual” (physical motion combined with powerful affirmations built around the “Secret Formula”: GOALS X FAITH X DAILY ACTIONS X GRATITUDE = RESULTS) will change your life.  Do this for thirty days, twenty minutes a day, and the “mere” doing of it will create massive momentum.  Want faster change?  Spend an hour of exercise (walking, or joint mobility is just fine!  “Five Tibetans”?  You’re my kinda person!) but MOVE.  FEEL.  THINK.   The evil voices in your head will have to shut the #$%% up once they see that one of your goals (and you should have four: career, emotions/relationship, body, and finances), the physical, is being addressed as you speak.  It is hard to deny something that you are experiencing.

Please, do yourself a favor: get started.  And if you want to drive your change faster, use the ANCIENT CHILD 30-DAY PROGRAM.



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