If you knew yourself AND the world as well as you think you do…you’d never set a goal you didn’t achieve

New Year’s Resolutions


So the time of year has come, once again, when we make promises to ourselves…and usually break them.  Why do we do that?


  1. We are too optimistic about the emotional or contexual resistance to our goals.
  2. We “chunk up” our goals to be larger than we can accomplish during the time frame allowed.
  3. We are unclear as to the resources it will take to accomplish our dreams
  4. We are not prepared to accept failure as a part of the learning process
  5. Our goals are not supported by our deep enthusiasms and deep values.
  6. Our goals are not expressed in winnable terms.


In other words, we fail to keep our goals because of lack of clarity regarding two essential questions:

  1. “What is true”? (what is required?  How will the world react?  What are the best strategies to accomplish my goals?”  “how often should I expect failure, based on my research of others who have accomplished this?”
  2. “Who am I?”  (Do I keep my word to myself?   Am I honest about who I am and what I want and what I’m prepared to do?  What are my capacities?  How much would I need to grow or change to accomplish this?)


In other words, if you know yourself AND know the world, you would never set a goal you didn’t accomplish.  If you aren’t accomplishing your goals, your view of one or the other, your inner or outer world, is off the mark.


So with each goal, use the SECRET FORMULA:

  1. Is my goal clear, photographable, measurable?
  2. Do I have faith I can actually do it?  If not, “chunk it down” into smaller pieces until it IS believable.
  3. Do I know the actions I must take each and every day to accomplish my goals?
  4. Do I feel gratitude for my life RIGHT NOW?   In other words, don’t “accomplish to feel good”, but rather “feel good…then go out and accomplish.”


Use the “ANCIENT CHILD” as well:

  1. Are your goals somehow aligned with your childhood dreams and enthusiasm?
  2. Are they aligned with your deepest values of self-expression, love, and contribution?
  3. Can you see how your daily behaviors support them, such that if you did “THIS” (whatever “this” is) every day for a year, you would have a terrific chance of reaching your goals?


If you have brought both the “Secret Formula” and the “Ancient Child” techniques to bear, you have created one hell of a New Year’s Resolution.   Now create one for each of body, career, love, and finances…and I’ll see you in 2015!




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