One key to waking up is…getting enough sleep!

“Best sleep I’ve had in three years”


The first Youtube video for the ANCIENT CHILD 30-DAY challenge is up!  I intend to “unpack” these videos (congrats to the wonderful WENDY GRACE, who was the very first to have the courage to share her experiences!) and help you understand what is going on.


To change a habit pattern, you need to:

1)Identify the habit to be changed

2) Identify what you want to change it to

3) Raise your energy level

4) Practice the new program

5) Fail successfully

6) Start over again.


If you have not, consciously or unconsciously incorporated these steps, you are probably “stuck.”   Conversely, if you want to get out of your “rut”, just employ these steps.


And how do you increase your energy?  Well, one critical step is to improve the quality of your rest.   Fifty to Seventy

million Americans complain of poor sleep, and if your butt is dragging, you might not need to look any further than this single factor.


What are the things that influence sleep?

  1. hour you go to bed
  2. life stress
  3. substance abuse
  4. muscle tension
  5. fear
  6. negative experience encoded in the body
  7. inability to “turn the mind off”


The Ancient Child program understands that you MUST have quality sleep if you are to recover from mental, emotional, or physical stress.  Without quality rest, you break down.  If you get quality sleep, you build up.   On one level, it’s just that simple.



Steven Barnes

(and by the way, until Midnight January 1st, when you order the ANCIENT CHILD I’ll send you a FREE download of the entire FIREDANCE TAI CHI video, [recorded 25 years ago.  That mustache!] with your order.  Tai Chi is my personal favorite movement to use with my “”morning ritual” and if you’re one of the thousands I’ve taught over the years, this is your chance to learn one of the world’s great health systems!)


  1. So, those of us who purchased before this post? Day 2 done, still feeling like success is “only technical” – but, it’s something I am actually following through & *doing*, as opposed to the many books, dvds & programs sitting on my shelves & hard drive gathering dust…


    1. The “Firedance Tai Chi” video is available on Youtube…this special offer is for those who would like to easily download it to computer or iPad.


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