All it takes to get everything you need…is everything you’ve got.

I’ve been out of the Hollywood loop long enough that I didn’t know what the term “closed” means.     If I’m not mistaken, it means that the financial negotiations have concluded successfully, and what remains is exchange of paperwork and signatures, and cutting, mailing, and cashing of checks.  Ahem.  Our movie deal is “closed.”  **Happy Dancing Commences*** as soon as our partners sign off on public announcements, I promise I’ll say.    Today is an excellent day: turned in a novel last week.  Will finish a second one today.  Movie deal closed.  Feedback on short script is “great” (!).  Traveling to Seattle next week to lay down the foundations of the new teaching business.  Conducting the second session of 2015’s first writing workshop.  My beloved karate instructor Steve Muhammad is promoting me again.  What a great way to start the year!


Please…if you are looking to get out of a rut, want to accelerate yourself, at the very least incorporate the “Secret Formula” into a daily ritual of motion and emotion.  GOALS X FAITH X DAILY ACTION X GRATITUDE = RESULTS.


To deepen the internal alignment, use heartbeat meditation and visualize your inner child while renewing commitment to protect and serve her.


These simple steps are so powerful even I have a hard time believing it. But the results speak for themselves.

All it takes to get everything you need is everything you’ve got.



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