Well begun is half done

I often get notes like this…


Good day Mr Barnes,

It is a new year

I am realizing the new me

Help me to continue to do so. What program do you suggest I start with ?






I often have difficulty answering this.  But right now, it’s easy: The ANCIENT CHILD 30-DAY PROGRAM


Why?  Simple.  I spent my entire life trying to learn


  1. Basic relaxation and visualization skills
  2. How to heal my childhood emotional wounds.
  3. Stimulates creativity on demand.
  4. A fool-proof method of goal setting
  5. A way to make EVERY day a success
  6. How to exercise for maximum efficiency in minimum time
  7. A simple way to increase drive, energy, and passion


And then, once I learned, there was another level: how do I teach it?  And then, once I knew it could be taught, how to teach it at a distance?


Never could have done these things if I hadn’t had the blessing of meeting such master instructors as Harley “Swiftdeer” Reagan, Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari, Dawn Callan, Sri Chinmoy Scott Sonnon and Steve Muhammad.  Together, they offered learnings gathered from every continent.   I’m not at all certain that THE ANCIENT CHILD  could even have been created fifty years ago–the knowledge simply wasn’t there.  But thanks to the Internet and the increased travel and communication between different cultures and continents, this knowledge, scattered between the different nations and peoples of the world, is starting to blend and cross-breed.  I hope that there are thousands of people blending these wonderful secrets, creating a new world of possibilities for all of us.


THE ANCIENT CHILD is one such 21st-Century product.  Just twenty minutes a day for thirty days, six days a week you’ll perform a “morning ritual” of movement, emotion, and focus.  One day a week you’ll just lay back and listen to a special visualization, accessing your deepest resources in a way you almost certainly never have.


Try it for 30 days, and if you don’t agree that it is worth more than you paid for it, I’ll happily return every penny.  THE ANCIENT CHILD can make 2015 the very best year of your life.  And…you’ll know whether or not I’m telling the truth in just 30 days.  No risk.


Be the hero in the adventure of your lifetime!


Steven Barnes



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