The Wedding Ringer (2015)

Just saw “The Wedding Ringer.” It’s a re-issue of an older film, and I liked it better when it was called “Hitch”. Seem to remember the star being taller. And having his own character arc. And a romantic interest. I must be mistaken.


Seriously, though…

The script is undercooked, as if we were supposed to believe in the situation simply because we were told to.   The two lead characters don’t make full sense to me psychologically. It is as if they created a terrific pitch for a movie and had to wind the script through the plot points, but never stopped and asked who these people would be. The nebbishy Groom isn’t nebbishy enough for me to believe he has no friends, and is so stunned that the bride would find him attractive. The bride’s family has too much money for me to believe she’d marry this guy in desperation to have her lifestyle supported. And Kevin Hart is entirely too cool, fit, funny, and seductive of women left and right, as well as too comfortable creating bonding experiences for me to believe he wouldn’t have more friends if he had the slightest urge. They needed to give us a real reason he wouldn’t, dig in more deeply on all the characters, tell us and show us their wounds more carefully. “Hitch” did that nicely, actually. “Wedding Ringer” is all surface, and ultimately unsatisfying.  Attractive players, some fun set pieces, but ultimately unsatisfying, and a B-.


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