The best study of reality is: does it work?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”–Arthur C. Clarke

All my life I’ve searched for magic (or…I did, until a specific incident that became fictionalized in a novel.  No, I won’t say what it was.  Yes, I have reasons)…and the conclusion I came to is that the stories of wizards and warlocks and witches are basically metaphors for the actual “edge” of consciousness, the limits to what our minds can consciously hold…but where it is still possible to play, if you know the rules of approach.


But that search sent me into martial arts, hypnosis, transcultural shamanism, NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro associative conditioning, est, The Sweet Medicine Sundance path, Meditation, multiple systems of yoga, sexual magic,  several different flavors of mysticism, and so much more I can’t remember it all.


There was only one rule: DOES IT WORK?


Along the way I met truly amazing men and women who had extraordinary practical real-world skills–and also a belief that there was something more than “ordinary mind.”   Sometimes what they believed exists in the realm of psychology, other times it crept into the supernormal.  I always believed there would be explanations for anything they could demonstrate or teach you to accomplish, even if I couldn’t understand the reasons or ways at the time.


But always–they had to be masters of something rational before I’d even listen to what they had to say about other realms or capacities.   An astonishing journey it has been.


And one thing that I discovered is that there was a great deal of cross-referencing.  That different cultures, disciplines, and masters had different names for the same basic phenomena, and as I experienced more and more, began to see beyond the labels into underlying truths, a tiny glimpse of the deeper truths that explode upon enlightened masters since the beginning of time.


And the new “Ancient Child 30 Day Program” is the outgrowth of those decades of study, a cross-referencing of everything these wonderful people taught me about mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  If you “merely” want physical fitness…you’ve got it.   Increase motivation?   Check.   Learn to love yourself?  Absolutely.   Learn the very best “success formula” I’ve ever seen?   You bet.


But…what it really is is a “sigil”, a combination of dozens of different teachings overlayed into a simple daily practice that can open the doors to your understanding of yourself and the world you live in.  Am I overselling?  Promising too much?   I tell you what: ten hours from now you’ll know.  Twenty minutes a day for thirty days, you can call me a liar.


Or…you’ll have embraced a deeper truth, and be on the road to a life of choice, joy, and power.


It’s up to you.




This Saturday February 7th, you are invited to a totally FREE teleconference about The Ancient Child 30 Day program.  You do NOT have to have purchased a copy to attend.


In all probability, I’ll discuss ways that students have used this amazing technique over the years, including:


  1. Breaking writer’s block
  2. Dealing with fear, grief, guilt and other negative emotions
  3. Healing abuse issues
  4. Self-love
  5. Choosing life partners
  6. Increasing motivation
  7. Assisting healthy sleep.
  8. Making choices
  9. Losing weight
  10. Coping with stress


And so much more.  Look, if I hadn’t experienced it, and watched the effect in others, I wouldn’t believe it either.  This is exactly why I’ve decided to make it as painless as possible for people to prove me wrong.  Please…join us.


Total investment: an hour of your time.

Potential upside: incalculable



(I’ll let you know about the phone # and access code later this week!)

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