Jason, the human laser

Jason’s focus has improved greatly  over the last two years.  Some is just his maturation, but part of it is our Morning Ritual.  From being behind his grade level in reading, now we’re working on the California Sixth Grade Reader from 1914 (edited by Jerry Pournelle, available on Amazon Kindle Here (http://www.amazon.com/California-Sixth-Grade-Reader-Pournelle-ebook/dp/B00LZ7PB7E/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1422979217&sr=1-1&keywords=Sixth+grade+reader&pebp=1422979221697&peasin=B00LZ7PB7E)


If you’ve looked at this, you’ll know that it is actually closer to our current Jr. High school material (the precise “whys” of that I’ll leave to other discussions) but let’s just say that it is a serious challenge.  And then we were  reading “The Argonauts” and the scene where the warriors elect Hercules as their leader, and Hercules refuses the honor, saying that it should go to the wisest and best among them…Jason!  My son’t eyes LIT UP and he began reading more dramatically, acting it out, and I knew he was SEEING the ship tossed by storms…seeing the monsters…seeing the battles in the theater of his mind…


And THAT is reading.  And watching that growth, I’ve decided to move him up from static morning ritual to dynamic…the same thing I suggest in the Ancient Child.  So we’re doing Tibetans, and while in motion we chant:

#1 (spin): “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better!”

#2 (leg lift): “What’s your job, Jason?”  “To be good!”  “Were you good yesterday?”  “Yes!”

#3 (kneeling back bend): “What are Musashi’s laws?”

#4 (table): “What are your rules?”

#5 (Upward/downward dog or Hindu pushups):  “What are your goals?”


He loves it.  We do it together in the morning, and he grooves to feeling his body every morning, and the fact that Dad can outdo him. That won’t always be true.  But for now, I can drive him on with my energy, physicality, focus, energy, and optimism for the future. He is learning to use his body, emotions, and mind, to direct ALL of himself to move in the same direction at the same time–the “human laser” effect.  THAT’S  power.


And I’m watching him begin to find himself intellectually (he’s the go-to kid for math in his class now!) and physically (watching him “catch air” at the skate park is just breathtaking) and emotionally (such a sweet kid. Who knows, without any question, that he is loved and treasured.)


THAT’S the gift I wanted to give him. The gift I’ve given myself.  And the one I hope each and every one of you will give yourselves.


This Saturday at 11am pst I’ll do an Ancient Child conference call (still working out the details) and would love you to attend.  All questions answered, nothing held back.    Please mark it on your calendars!



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