Please help me help you!

Step #2: Rejection of the Challenge


As I’ve said many times, the significance of the “Second Step” of the Hero’s Journey is recognizing where fear, pain, and doubt stop you from taking on the core challenges in your life, moving to the next level of excellence.


In my own life, I had to deal with:

  1. Fear that I could not achieve my goals in writing.   I had no role models.   My own mother tore up my stories.  Rejection loomed everywhere.
  2. Fear of sparring, a phobic response caused by a few very specific childhood “anchors” collapsing together in an obscenely precise fashion.  Decades of irrational, stomach-twisting dread, like rolling a gigantic poison-quilled porcupine up a mountain every time I went to class.  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
  3. Fear that I was not worthy of love at the deepest level.   I thrashed around so horribly, and even betrayed the most sacred part of my own creative heart.   It took a YEAR of daily work to heal that rift.
  4. Massive pain anchored to the notion of being financially responsible.  I had permission to MAKE a ton of money, but not to manage it, save it, invest it.   Recipe for disaster.


As I move forward into the next phase of my life and teaching, all I want to do is to help as many people as I can in whatever time remains to me on Earth.  Help me please, by helping yourself.  If you would take sixty seconds to take a survey, asking a single question: WHAT IS THE WORST PROBLEM YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW?


There are five choices, and a space to write in an answer I’ve not thought of.    I will use the information to create a TOTALLY FREE webinar specifically addressing whatever the most pressing issue.  Please.  Take sixty seconds to help me, yourself, and others.    No tricks, no traps.  Just a wish to do all the good I can in thanks to a world that gave a lonely, frightened kid a chance to become a whole and happy human being.




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