Handle “today” and the future takes care of itself.

From an Ancient Child student, “Daniel”:
Dear Steven,
according to the goals:
How to set them:
Goals to be reached IN those 30 days?? the next 4 months (would suit me best)..? Of goals to be reached asap? Hug.
Can those 20 minutes be jogging? how to do that while in groups, when traveling, outdoor-hiking, etc.
Hug again.
Dear Daniel–
Long term goals are critical, but you have to break them down:

3 year goals
1 year goals
6 month goals
3 month goals
1 month goals.
Monthly goals should be broken down to weekly
Those to  Daily.
Now you know what you have to do, TODAY, to support your long term goals. Most importantly?  Perform your daily ritual, use the “Secret Formula” every single day.
Each set supports the others.
Yes, you can do the ritual while jogging. But it is BEST done chanting aloud, so ask if you are jogging with people who won’t object to that, or give you strange looks!

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