Need Money? Want to help people? Become an Ancient Child affiliate!

This is not an opportunity for everyone, but it might be perfect for you if you have used the program, gained value from it, and enjoy spreading good news!  Try this for just 30 days and see if part-time internet marketing could be the route to making a difference in your finances.


Our suggestion:

  1. Be sure you have a copy of the ANCIENT CHILD program, available HERE. (
  2. Use it for at least a week, preferably 30 days.   Then, IF AND ONLY IF you find it of real value.
  3. Go to PAYLOADZ.COM:  and find the “share and earn 10.00 button” on the right lower portion of the page.  Follow the directions.
  4. You will enter your email address and receive an “affiliate link” (it looks something like this: Ancient Child 30-Day Challenge  Don’t use this one, though–your money would go to me!  Use the email you want your Paypal account to use.
  5. Now.   On your blog or Facebook page, begin to post articles about the AC, how you are using it, your results.  Make the posts honest and conversational. Tell stories about yourself, and your experiences with AC.  Soft-sell, offering real value and suggestions (the more honest the better!) and then give your affiliate link.  If you wish, use “” to create a smaller version of your link.  Please test it!
  6. And/Or: Find blogs, discussion groups, or articles about a subject you have successfully used the AC for: body, emotions, career, finances, spirituality, etc.  Join in, being useful, helpful, kind, and positive about your own experiences.   Offer the affiliate link.
  7. Spend approximately one hour every day taking the above actions.   The more links you post, the more money you will make!
  8. Search out  information about internet sales techniques.   Study and learn: sales and marketing is a specific discipline, and the more you know, the better your results.
  9. Try it for 30 days, an hour a day, and if you like the results, intensify your efforts!
  10. USE THE ANCIENT CHILD to help!  Apply the “Secret Formula”:
  11. GOALS:  How much do you need/plan to earn?  Put that on a time line. Divide it in half, and half again, and half again until you have a number you can believe you could earn in a week, working an hour a day.  Minimum wage, at the least.
  12. FAITH: You have to believe that you CAN and SHOULD earn this money.  You need to look at your beliefs around money, sales, marketing, and be sure you have internal permission.   If not, use the AC to increase your confidence.   Wouldn’t you do ANYTHING to protect and provide for your child?  Tap into that energy, and you can increase motivation and courage.
  13. CONSTANT ACTION:  What are your daily behaviors?  What is your “Diamond Hour” of action you commit to take daily for a month minimum, to discover if this is for you?  Remember: the more links you post, and the better the (honest) stories you tell, the more you can earn.  The more you understand sales and marketing, the more you research the techniques of internet sales, the more you can earn.  It’s up to you!
  14. GRATITUDE.  Begin with the most positive attitude you can muster.  Give thanks for all that is good in your life, while committing to continued evolution and healing…and to helping others.   That sense of gratitude will radiate through your words and actions and attract clients!


That’s all there is to it!!


If you have any questions, please contact me at:




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