The power of dynamic dressing




Here (redacted, of course) is a perfect example of someone using THE ANCIENT CHILD in a creative, positive, effective manner:


Good Morning Sir:
I’ve been doing a modified version of AC that works for me. I made a special night audio recording that affirms my gratitude and visions with powerful I am statements. I go to sleep to it at night. In the mornings, I visualize the ancient child parts of me. I get up and get dressed in a work out type of manner while chanting my gratitudes, my to do ‘ s for the day, etc…I continue it as I dress and the entire ride to work until I park the car. I’ve had much better days at work with better experiences.



Great.  Can you see all the pieces of the “Ancient Child” and the “Secret Formula” and the “Morning Ritual” nested here?  Basic components:


  1. “The Ancient Child” –visualizing child self to access energy, motivation, creativity and clarity. (“Why the heck am I going to this dead end job?  Oh, that’s right, to support my child for a year while I figure my exit strategy.” And so forth).
  2. “Secret Formula”–Goals?  Check.  Faith that you can accomplish them?   If you are moving dynamically WHILE you chant, you are actually bringing positive emotions, actions and intents all into alignment, the “Human Laser” idea.  The voices in your head can be as negative as you want, but it’s like a voice chanting “We’re not moving” when your plane is already in the air.  Check.   Constant Action?  That’s your daily to-do, in alignment with long term goals.  Gratitude?  Check–and that’s what makes this the world’s only guaranteed success system, because what you really WANT is the EMOTIONS most people think they can only have after the fact.  YOU are “paying yourself first” and generating those emotions NOW.  That voice in your head that says you shouldn’t feel good unless you perform is turning you into a “human doing” rather than a “human being”.  The truth?  You can’t do any better than making each day perfect, one day at a time.  Take one more step toward manifesting your deepest, truest self.    It’s all you can do.  Do that, and you deserve to turn handsprings.
  3. “Morning Ritual”–chanting goals, aligning emotions and intent WHILE MOVING?  I offer The Five Tibetans and Joint Mobility drills. But you can do it while walking, doing yoga, dancing…or here, dynamically dressing!   THAT’S a unique application!


Room for growth.   Nothing is perfect.  What would I “tweak”?

  1. First thing in the morning: visualize child?  Check.  Now, visualize your “ancient” self.  Move beyond ego, fear, and ambition to the clarity of a completed life.  Allow “child” and “ancient” to speak to each other.
  2. Dynamic Dressing?  What a concept!  But…how is the overall body?  While every student has to be responsible for themselves, I like to know where you are in terms of disciplined, progressive movement.  Helps me to be certain your growth path will actually take you where you need to go.    So…what is your daily movement?  The Tibetans are great because I can just ask: “how many are you doing?” with a few more questions (“how do they feel?  Which ones are easiest/hardest?  How many times a week do you do them?”  “Can you perform them without looking at pictures?”  “Can you do them and chant at the same time?”)  And get a vast amount of feedback as to your body, mind, and emotions.


So much content in such a small practice.     What are YOUR modifications?



(“dynamic dressing.”   You have to love it!)


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