You’re just a link in the chain


There were just three things I wanted in childhood:

1)To be a martial artist

2)To be a writer

3) To have a family to love.

As it happens, I got all three of them, but if you note, nothing on that list was achievable without the help of others.   I needed friends, lovers, mentors, training partners, readers, editors, collaborators and countless others.


In each arena, I can identify a few people who were most central to my success, and know that in each instance, my life would have been much different without them.  Oh…I was going to make it, regardless.  I have total faith in that.  But the right mentors and mastermind partners providing the right strategies can save you decades.  Success never comes without hard work, but hard work is not enough.  You also need the right strategies. And you can either figure those out yourself (the hard way!) or you can talk to people who have:


  1. Actually mastered writing
  2. Actually mastered martial arts
  3. Actually mastered personal relationships.


And listen to what they say, find the common thread and follow THAT.   I am so incredibly grateful for the men and women who extended the hand of friendship and mentorship to me over the course of my life.    Take some time, today, and thank someone who helped you along the path.


And then…turn around and help someone else.  Be a part of that infinite human chain of sharing and giving and loving and caring.


Growing and giving and gratitude are the only paths to lasting happiness.


Steven Barnes photo (1)


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