Party This Saturday! Can You Dig It?

I am so excited!   Seriously, I have to stop bouncing up and down with joy, because I’m about to share something very very special.   Tananarive and I have been so busy that we’re having to scale our one on one coaching WAY back–between books, television, teaching at UCLA and life in general, we’ve been plotting and planning ways to make our teaching time more efficient and effective, so that we can continue to leave “trails of bread crumbs” as we continue this wonderful adventure. And we’re about to take it to a whole ‘nother level.


To kick things off, we’re conducting a very special ANCIENT CHILD/LIFEWRITING session this Saturday.   We’ll be exploring one of the most important arrows in the quiver, the HERO’S JOURNEY.     And we’re going to show you how to apply it to plotting a story, writing a story, and living a creative life, specifically MAKING MONEY.


Yep, that’s right. Remember a month ago, when I asked you guys to tell me what the greatest issue in your lives was?  Well, 2:1 you said MAKING MONEY.  How about SAVING money?  Or FINDING JOY in that process?   Or aligning with your dreams and values while making money.  Oh, yes…if you can’t do all of these, you haven’t mastered the game, have you?


So… imagine that you are writing a story about a character who needs to do these things, giving that character YOUR problems?


You are taking a meta-position on this issue in your life, tapping into countless thousands of hours of books, stories, plays, anecdotes, biographies, movies, and television.  Creating a “story” that allows your wiser self to communicate with your “child” creative self, as well as tells your “adult” self what you have to do TODAY to make your dreams come true (see how we integrate the Ancient Child into this?)


This is going to be fantastic.  100% FREE.  0% FLUFF.


This conference is for writers and/or readers ONLY.  If you aren’t immersed in that stream of myth, this call is NOT for you…we’ll have other tools for you at other times.  But this one is laser-focused.   Writers and Readers.  Only.


Tananarive and I are interested in helping you master any area of your life that calls to you–that means that your conscious and unconscious minds, your daily actions,  emotions, beliefs, values and long-term goals all need to align so that you aren’t fighting yourself, can take your brakes off, so that fear doesn’t stop you, and so that, for the first time in your life, you have a “road map” of where you are in your process.


And yes, we can do all of that in an hour.  What we CAN’T do is “do the work” for you.  What we can do is put an “X” on the map and hand you a shovel.


Can you dig it?


Join us!


Saturday, April 18th, 11am pst

  • Toll Number:(605) 562-0020
  • Meeting ID:930-703-510


100% Free.  0% Fluff


Steve and Tananarive



  1. Steve:

    I would love nothing more than to be a part of this. Unfortunately, I work on the weekends, and will be unable to participate. I don’t suppose a recording of this presentation will be available at some future date? I know, it wouldn’t be specific to my personal needs or questions, but I might find your answers to someone else’s question(s) helpful.

    In any case, thank you for continuing to provide such excellent offerings to the community!


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