Sleep is one of my very favorite freebies

Whenever you see a persistent negative behavior, give the person credit for attempting, however unsuccessfully or even self-destructively, for attempting to move away from pain toward pleasure.  Just as there is no emotion that cannot be connected to love or fear, there is no behavior that cannot be seen on the pain-pleasure continuum, with paralysis, procrastination and so forth as an uneasy balance between them.

Sleep is one of the most critical aspects of life, and watching the way people deny themselves healthy healing rest and dream-time can be painful.

Lack of sleep is a problem that hits us physically, emotionally, and mentally…and has the same roster of causes.

If you are dynamic, healthy, and happy, you are probably getting the amount of sleep you need.    Commonly, people will say “they don’t need eight hours” but are sallow, suffer mood swings and lack of focus, lack energy and ambition, are frequently sick and achy, and so forth.  Some look like the walking dead, but hey, who needs sleep?

Personally, for the last thirty years, if I don’t get enough sleep the following symptoms occur:

  1. sniffles and sneezing
  2. joint aches
  3. low energy
  4. uneven moods
  5. reduced ambition and creativity
  6. a general feeling of “heaviness” physically and emotionally

All of this goes away if I get above 7 hours.  Eight is just about perfect, with time to lounge and play with my hypnogogic state.  Yummy.  Lucid dreaming is the best.

What symptoms do YOU get when you don’t get your ideal amount of sleep? What are the most common causes of difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or getting enough sleep?


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