Sleep is the best and cheapest medicine in the world

The number of different ways sleep affects the rest of our lives, on every level, is infinite.  But let’s just say that the process of growth, of health, of happiness involves the ability to learn, to integrate knowledge, access creativity, heal from stress, increase energy, keep a positive mood, and imagine life as you desire it.

Sleep touches all of these.  If you cannot dream, cannot maintain a positive mood, don’t have the energy and aliveness to pursue your goals and fulfill your functions, don’t have the joy necessary to celebrate your victories, if your body aches and breaks down…you might want to look at the amount of sleep you get.  If you suffer from ANY  of these, and get less than seven hours a night, or sleep more than nine, you might want to look very carefully.  Sleep could be the gateway to your issue.   If you suffer from ANY of these things, and get other than 7-9 hours of sleep a night, you want to look at this rather than hallucinate that your problems are something deep, mysterious, and intangible.

So Saturday, on the LIFEWRITING radio show, we’ll discuss this issue.    Our emphasis is on writers and people using the Ancient Child system (hey, we have to focus SOMEWHERE!).   PLEASE join us. The sleep you save may be your own!  Saturday May 7th, 11am pst.


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