Sixty Second Mastery

To accomplish anything, anything at all, you will need some combination of:

  1. Mental focus
  2. Emotional power
  3. Physical action

Clearly, the more these three things are in alignment, the less they fight each other, the more effective your actions will be. The conscious mind really has a difficult time juggling all three at the same time, and that means that you constantly “leak” who and what you really are, as your attention shifts to one of the three, and the other two just flop all over the place.  The answer is found in the definition of Mastery: “unconscious competence in your basics, such that you can spontaneously recombine and create under pressure.”

The answer then, is to move mental focus, emotional balance, and efficient/effective physical action to unconscious competence, then simply live every day to accomplish, with joy, what can be done THAT day, one day at a time.

This is the reason for the “Daily Ritual.”  Start with the “Five Minute Miracle”–sixty seconds five times a day of breathing properly (right motion).   Add connecting with a positive memory (right emotion) and giving thanks for the successful fulfilment of your day’s tasks (right focus, gratitude).  If you cannot do this even once a day, you can be CERTAIN, beyond any doubt, that the problem is not lack of time, but rather that your goals are in conflict with your self-image, and you are in Sabotage City.

Frankly, if you can’t do it FIVE times, I would suspect you are visiting that town as well.

If you want to change your life, then 10-20 minutes a day of some kind of dynamic motion (walking will do!) combined with positive body language, chanting your goals and affirmations, will demand that your BODY, MIND, AND EMOTIONS all align for just a few minutes every day. If you FULLY emotionalize the actions, really feel the joy and gratitude, REALLY visualize/mentalize the successful completion of the daily tasks that will lead to a successful day, which done seven times will give you a successful week, which done 52 times will give you a successful year…how exactly can you fail?   If you feel joy, gratitude, and hope every day of your life, how can you fail, when the INTENT of actions is to achieve those emotions?

Move these three to the level of “automatic”.  Practice them, for 10-20 minutes a day, every day.  Start with a single 60-second alignment daily, and know beyond ANY question that if you do not, you have identified the cause of much present and future grief and pain: you literally do not have permission to be happy, healthy, and successful!   YOU have to draw the line.  YOU have to decide to change this.  Get angry with whoever programmed you to believe that your life is not sacred, your heart precious, your goals possible.   Anger mobilizes, while fear can paralyze.

Sixty seconds.  Or you are letting your past control your future.

Sixty seconds. Then five minutes, spaced through the day. Then “grow” one of those minutes to five minutes…and then ten…and then twenty.

This single commitment can and will change your life, if you simply decide you’re fed up with your old rituals.    The choice is yours.





  1. Not fed up with old rituals – definitely unhappy with current RESULTS that have been earned by old rituals (or a lack of same) – the prickly burr in seizing personal power is owning personal responsibility: Yes, things are the way they are up ’til now because I did & didn’t do what I did & didn’t do – I CAN change what I do. I WANT to change what I get. I’ve got to find that searingly bright emotionally confused boy & convince him that he deserves the changes, he does deserve all of his heart’s desires, if for no other reason than he hung on & survived with some of his belief in basic human goodness intact (for the simple fact of his existence, we’ll learn to trust as we go)…


  2. I’ve encountered a difficulty with the Ancient Child program: If I understand the program correctly, I’m supposed to be performing the 5 Tibetan Rites, followed by some additional exercise (like Scott Sonnon’s IntuFlow program, which is amazing; thanks for introducing me to it!), while simultaneously chanting my affirmations of Gratitude, Faith, Goals and Action.

    My problem is that I spend all of my time performing the Tibetans focusing on my breathing and getting the forms right. The same is true during the IntuFlow stretching; I don’t have spare thought or breath for the chanting. Since it is an integral part of the Ancient Child program, I can only assume that I’m losing out on an important aspect of its benefits.

    Any suggestions or advice?


    1. You can perform the Ritual with ANY dynamic movement: walking, running, etc. You could use Intu-Flow with the Ritual first, and then do the Tibetans, which are given as a complete basic movement system…but if you are connected to Scott Sonnon’s wonderful work, feel free to substitute. The important thing is the daily effort, focus, connecting to your positive emotions. Good luck!


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