All You Really Need Is You. The rest is what you “want.”

You will never convince everyone to support you.


Never.  So ultimately, you have to decide how many allies you need along the path.   I say that you really only NEED one–yourself.  To love yourself, connect with your own heart and soul, and prepare to walk the Thousand Mile Road, by yourself if necessary.

What is 100% certain is that the companions who surround you at one level of your life cannot all accompany you to the next level.  You will lose some of them, and they will often pull the “crabs in a basket” routine and try to pull you down.  If you don’t develop the ability to keep moving, you will be trapped on your previous level.

But loving yourself, visualizing and “emotionalizing” your goals, and remembering past successes gives you the ability to keep going, keep going. Just one more step. Just do, today, what can be done TODAY.  Don’t feel guilt about yesterday.  Don’t fear tomorrow.  What must be done TODAY to have a glorious, wonderful experience of life?

What do you need to accomplish?  Who do you need to contact?  Have you meditated? Read?  Worked?  Exercised your body?  Connected with your heart?

Make TODAY a perfect day, such that if you could string a hundred of them in a row, you would be a different person.  A THOUSAND of them in a row, and you would live the life of your dreams.

What would it take?  For me, I have to write a thousand words of fiction (no, blogging doesn’t count!).  I have to practice yoga, joint mobility, and martial arts.  Every day.  Have to connect with my own heart, my “inner child” and “inner elder”.   Review my “Secret Formula”: GOALS X FAITH X ACTION X GRATITUDE = RESULTS and be sure that every link is in place:

What are my goals today?

Do I have 100% faith I can do it?

What actions can I take today that would, IF I could continue them for a thousand days, take me to my dreams?

For what am I grateful, today, right now?

And I chant these things, and visualize/mentalize these things, WHILE I am moving. Walking, Tai Chi, joint recovery.  Why?  Because EVERYTHING you want in life is a combination of movement, thought, and emotion. Everything.   If you are splintered in three different directions, is is like driving a stagecoach with your horses going east, west, and north.  Good luck getting to Yuma!

But if for just 10-20 minutes a day you can focus your attention, work to get everything moving in the same direction and do this WITH POWERFUL EMOTION you will drill down DEEP into your unconscious.  If you cannot control your time, body, mind, and emotions for a few minutes with full attention, what the @#$$ do you think will happen when you try to operate in the “real” world? Your results in life are NOT dependent upon what you can do consciously, but rather what you do and who you are on an UNCONSCIOUS level.  If you fail to program this, you will never have your dreams.

So…you can treat this as a “programming”, or as a “diagnostic” (can I do this?  How long can I hold this energy?  Five minutes? Ten?  How many times a week can I rely on myself to do it?  What excuses do I use to rob myself of ten minutes of joy?)

You only NEED you. Everything else is what you “want.”  But the beautiful thing is that the less you “need” people, the more attractive you become. It is when you aren’t looking for friends that you find them. When you are happy being alone that you connect with your soulmate. When you concentrate on service that people begin to give back. When you concentrate on the process of writing, reading, and submitting that suddenly you start publishing.

When you concentrate on eating and moving in synch with what your ancestors had to do to earn their food, that suddenly your body begins to look and feel different, in alignment with your values, expressing your individual personality and humanity…and broadcasting to the world: THIS is who I am!  And if you really love and accept yourself, you’ll have no trouble being attracted to someone who is attracted to you.

Life isn’t “complicated” so much as deeply complex.  You must know yourself, love yourself, live your own life one day, one breath, one moment at a time.

The rest takes care of itself.




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