The Idiot’s Guide To Mastery

Just an “if” to look at here.   The following is drawn from a variety of sources, so please excuse if I don’t attribute them properly.

  1. Mastery can be defined as “control of your basics at the level of unconscious competence, such that you can create spontaneously under pressure.”
  2. Implied in the above is that “mastery” is a verb, not just a noun. A process, rather than a position. It is a process without ending, and therefore, when you learn your basics, and commit to a life path of daily/weekly/monthly practice, you are on “the road of Mastery” as much as someone who has been on that path for a lifetime.
  3. Emotional resistance, limiting beliefs and perceptual filters can keep you from simply accepting the disciplines and philosophies that will produce results.    Therefore, it is useful to define the OPTIMAL action, and also the MINIMAL action.  The “minimal” action is what gets you “on the path”–if you were to do it regularly, over time, you would get the result. The OPTIMAL action will accelerate you at a wonderfully rapid pace.
  4. Your emotional garbage will hide in whichever aspect of your life you are least likely to look for it. The Hawaiian Huna “the body is a black bag where you store your unprocessed emotion” speaks to this.  Don’t pursue your dream career?   Don’t open yourself to love?  Don’t manage your money?   That’s where your fear and pain is hiding…masquerading as “busy-ness” and complication. Sigh.
  5. So…you need to work on all four aspects AT THE SAME TIME.   Body, Career, Love, Finances.   If you do, the other “higher” values will automatically evolve.  These four will teach you and root you.
  6. What is the “minimal” in each?  The “Five Minute Miracle” was designed to create a “minimum investment” in your fitness and emotional health.   Originally using Scott Sonnon’s “Be Breathed” technique, it challenged you to master the stress-strain relationship by taking five 60-second “breathing breaks” during the day.  If you do this, you create a foundation you can seriously build upon.  If you don’t, look at the excuses you use.  Whatever they are, no matter how “reasonable” they sound…you are lying to yourself.
  7. Let’s look at the dead “minimum” in each:  KNOW WHERE YOU STAND.  A) In finances, it is using a program like to actually evaluate your finances, expenses, and net worth.  Painful, but no one is asking you to change your patterns at all.  Perhaps saving 1% per week (transferring from your checking to your savings?)   B) In body, use your cell phone to snap a shot of everything you eat before you eat it.  Know your weight and your ideal weight/size.  Get a CLEAR view of where your problem is: too many calories in? Not enough physical exertion?  It will always be some combination of these, whatever other issues exist.   C) In love, use the “Five Minute Miracle” to calm yourself, listen to your heartbeat.  Alternate days: Mon, Wed, Fri break it into five 60-second breaks.  Tues, Thur, Sat do the five minute “lump” all at one time.  D)  In Career, define your “machine” as we do in writing: some version of work in/work out.    For instance: write a story a week/every other week. Read 10X what you write.  Submit your work and keep it in the mail.  To find your absolute “minimum”…write a single LINE every day.  Read ONE PAGE every day.


In each of these arenas, the “minimum” is defined so that it takes a tiny amount of time.  ANYBODY reading these words on Facebook has this time.  Don’t lie to yourself. If you don’t do the ‘minimums” it has nothing to do with health, energy, time, or resources.   It has to do with lack of emotional and mental clarity around these issues, and you are damaging your life and dreams, guaranteed.

The above are a specific balance, designed to produce a particular result: the foundations of mastery.  If you adopt them, you will get fabulous, uncommon results.  If you only adapt three of them, you will still love your results.  Even if you can only adapt a single one, you open the door to a new world.

What are YOUR minimums?  What are you willing to commit to?  What are your dreams worth?

Saturday on the Lifewriting Show, we’re going to explore this “minimum” approach with a specific focus: Finance for Writers.   Will this apply to artists of all kinds? Sure.   And others as well?  If you are willing to ignore the voices in your head, and play with me, ABSOLUTELY!

Join us!

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