‘Why” (or why not) beats “How” every time

I like to boil down whatever basic rules I must follow in order to reach my goals.   Even if they are savagely HARD, if I can make myself understand the basics, I have it.  Overall, I have to overcome inertia.

  1. Emotionally, it is “natural” to drift toward depression.
  2. Financially, it is “natural”   drift toward debt
  3. Physically, it is “natural” to deteriorate, and gain weight.
  4. Career: it is natural to lose enthusiasm and “go through the motions.”


  1. Emotionally, the answer is to fill yourself with more love, hope, faith, and gratitude than the amount of fear pumped in daily.  (20 minutes Heartbeat meditation, Daily Ritual)
  2. Financially, it is saving more money than you spend. (Checking Mint.com daily, save 10% of all income)
  3. Physically, it is burning more calories than you take in, and learning one new thing about how to move properly every day.  (Moving every day.   Intermittent fasting)
  4. Career, it is “Kaisen”–constant daily improvement of skill in creation, marketing, and sales.  (1000 words a day.  Read 10X what I write.)

Or even simpler:


  1. Meditate and Daily ritual
  2. Check finances
  3. Exercise
  4. Write 1000 words


It has taken me YEARS to clarify this and integrate these habits.   Do you note that each of these is infinitely complex?  That there is no end to the issues?   That in each category  I could write an encyclopedia of the reasons I can’t do it?   But the truth is that you either have reasons, or you have results.

If I know what my ideal schedule is, I can figure out what is half-way to that. And then half-way to that.  Until I have a simple, small enough task that I can do it every day.

  1. Meditate one minute a day.
  2. Check Mint.com daily.  Add one fact.
  3. Perform joint mobility for one minute a day.  Do Five “Be Breathed” exercises.
  4. Write one line of a story.

Absolute, drop-dead minimums.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t have the time. All that can stop me is negative emotions.  Conflicted values, hidden beliefs.  In other words, fear.

Reduce them to fear. Then give that fear to the arms of love.    By reducing the above five to ONE:

  1. Listen to my heartbeat for sixty seconds, visualizing my adult self holding my child self as I do.

What you cannot do for yourself, you can often do for your child.  Once you’ve established the “one minute”, work your way to five. From there, to your morning ritual.

YOU WILL FAIL.  Over and over again. And when you do, notice the chatter in your head and heart, the way you interpret the “failure” not as simple information, but as proof that you shouldn’t, mustn’t, can’t, are unworthy, will hurt yourself…


Those are all tools that the ego uses to stop you. Would you accept those excuses from your son or daughter?  Would you let them stop you from helping your child?

If not…don’t let them stop you from taking care of yourself. There are reasons, and results.    I always know when people are ready to change when they start listing more reasons they must DO something than they list how they can’t.

“Why” (or ‘why not”) beats “how” every damned time.





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