San Andreas (2015)

Just saw “San Andreas.” Man, is there ever a LOT of casual death. But it is also hugely, intensely entertaining if you can get into the “disaster movie” frame of mind, and just go for the ride. There is certainly no film presence like Dwayne Johnson, and he’s almost a big enough personality to compensate for the half-dozen A-minus list stars that used to people movies like this in the 70’s. So the plot is that Johnson is a rescue chopper guy whose daughter and estranged wife are caught up in the biggest quake in history. The rest is some pretty spectacular SFX. See it on Imax. An “B+” disaster movie (purely for the visuals and the fun of seeing Johnson), and a great start to the summer.
And…”Yellowface Alert”
One Asian character. Dies first. Saving a little white girl.


I’ve noticed that when I see stuff like this, I lose some empathy for the white characters, and just enjoy the mayhem. Hey, we all have our coping mechanisms.


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