Clarity is its own reward

The goal: very simple. Helping one million people to the state referred to as an “awake, adult human being.”   

The progression goes: “sleeping child” > “sleeping adult” > “Awakened Adult” > “intermittent non-dualistic awareness”

Because of the limitations of language, the next step, “sustained non-dualistic awareness” is the last thing that can even really be discussed.  The beautiful thing, however, is that each step can see the step in front of it, so all you have to do is aim at that one, and you have the next level of work.  Symptoms of the “sleeping child.”:

  1. blame other people for your emotional states, actions, and behaviors (“you made me!”)
  2. hold others responsible for your maintenance.   (The line between adult and child can usually be demarcated by self-reliance, the production of legal goods and services to exchange with your community)

The reason it is critical to master the physical world and those basic survival/emotional needs is that until you do, you are controlled by the world, will function primarily as a manipulator, and from fear.  You need to get to a place of self-reliance before you are free to speak your truth and drop your mask.  You NEED your masks to get support from, or survive among, your parents, educators, role models, authority figures, etc.  It is difficult to be honestly yourself, when others control you.

So…this is the first step.   The “Householder yogi” is the role model here, one who is “in the world, but not of the world.”  Jokingly referred to as someone who can win at Monopoly without thinking they can actually sleep on Boardwalk.  There are other paths, of course, but the biggest advantage with this one is that whether one believes in a deeper spiritual reality or not, there is simply no down-side to being honestly self-supporting, physically healthy and dynamic, and loving yourself/having a healthy loving relationship.

I mean, if that’s all you get in life, that ain’t bad. And it automatically centers you, links you with a primary Mastermind partner to compensate for your weaknesses, and opens you to empathy and service in your community.  The root of all subsequent growth.

Mind (career), Spirit (emotional health), and Body (the capacity to hunt, gather, and/or avoid predators in the natural world, as well as attract a mate.  Oh…and DANCE!)

I added “finance” to these three, because that was NOT taught in my home.   Start with the above three. Never ignore any of them.  But you are free to add others, just as if/when you can juggle three scarves, you can either move up to four scarves..or try three balls.  Drop one?   Then move back a level to your basics and regroup.

This is how we begin.  We master the basics, so that we can control our own emotions, and move beyond fear to love.  That is the doorway to all that follows.




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