Watch out for teeth

The first steps in my process are simply the steps necessary to become an awake, aware, healthy, strong, loving human being. Such people simply don’t cause probles for other healthy people
1) Take care of yourself. Prevent stress from becoming strain. Ordinarily, I suggest sixty second “breathing breaks” every three hours. In times of peak stress, do it every hour. Listen to your heartbeat for 10-20 minutes a day. Visualize the child self, and commit to protect him/her.
2) Fill yourself with loving emotion FIRST, and share with others from the overflow. You are a hose, not a bucket. Connect with some Source larger than you. Be a hose, not a bucket.
3) Remember that violence comes from anger, anger from fear. Love transformes fear into the root energy of life. Come from love…but take no crap. No one is more cynical than a wounded optimist.
4) Extend your own “inwardness” to others. See them as a version of you, living a different life. Forgive yourself for your own failings…and you can forgive others. But as you have to discipline yourself to move beyond your weaknesses, so must you refuse to accept damage and insult to those who are thrashing in fear.
Most people are not monsters. They are asleep, or afraid. But as you awaken and comfort them…watch out for teeth.



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