Using the “Mastermind” principle

There is only one way I know to accomplish things that are outside your resource circle, to answer problems that are beyond your intellectual or emotional capacity.  And that is the “Mastermind” principle.

A “Mastermind” is two or more people working together in a spirit of harmony.  They must share the same values, and see the same basic world.  Be willing to share resources and perceptions and knowledge.  As no two people have the precise same resource or knowledge base, or mental and emotional capacities, even two “roughly even” people will, if operating in unity, function as a “super mind” if standing together.

And if you bond yourself to those with GREATER capacity and resources, you get to “borrow” their intelligence and wisdom.   How do you do that?   I have found that the easiest way is sincere open-hearted connection. Offering complements and support from the heart.    It MUST be sincere. Assume they can read your mind.  When I needed to meet a writer who could help my career, and heard that Larry Niven hung out at the LASFS club house on Thursday nights, I armed myself by reading up on him until I found things to feel genuine, no-b.s. admiration for his work.    His story “All the Myriad Ways” pushed my buttons–it was BRILLIANT.  Armed with the ability to sincerely offer praise, I was able to make an honest approach.

Really liking other people requires genuinely loving yourself. Unless you value yourself, you are approaching someone asking for charity.  I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t work well for me.

So if you have a problem larger than you, requiring more “little gray cells” than you have, try the “Mastermind” approach.

  1. Gain whatever clarity you can on your current situation.
  2. Get clear on what you need to accomplish
  3. Define as many steps as you can. Remember that a lantern often only clears the first few steps of fog.  You may have to get moving before you can see further.  If possible, study people who have accomplished similar goals and model their behavior, attitudes, and strategies.
  4. Find one person who agrees with you.  ALIGNMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN NUMBERS.  Commit to meeting at least once a week to discuss the goals and situation, spending 80% of your time brain-storming possible solutions, only 20% of the time on problems.
  5. Add one more person at a time IF AND ONLY IF they agree with you about the worthiness of your goal, and the basic situation you are dealing with.    When you are discussing HOW to get to the moon, it is not the time to argue about whether the moon exists.  Remember that there are people who thrive on disruption, and others who are simply asleep.  Leave them napping. The moon awaits.




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