So you want to be a writer? Step #1: The Writer Is Confronted With The Challenge

The thought that many of our human problems stem from a lack of self-love combined with inability to extend our humanity to others continues to niggle at me.  I thought I’d list a few ways that these two factors combine to create positive effects in multiple


The “Professional Writer’s Tool Kit” I taught was my favorite at the workshop, because I was able to jazz with the students and discuss both process

“I’m too busy to write!”

I understand this myself, and have total sympathy with it.   I heard it multiple times, from people who are trying to balance lives with the driving desire to write.  So what do you do?

You apply the Hero’s Journey to your own life, and your own process.  THIS is why I use that pattern–it is the only “plot” pattern I know of that applies   to writing, the process of writing, and the life of the writer.  That means that every time you apply them you are doing triple duty.   Let’s look at what happens when you do…

THE HERO IS CONFRONTED WITH THE CHALLENGE. And here we begin. YOUR challenge is to admit that you want to be a professional or published writer.  Stop lying to yourself about that.  You long to thrill others with the sorts of stories that lifted your spirits as a child.  You hope to share your life of experience with others.  You seek to create additional resources for yourself and your family by uniting your discipline, dreams and energies.

Whatever it is, you need to grasp that these are the desires, the visions of your life, that engage you.

After all, there are countless thousands of people who have done just that, have joined the cultural conversation, shared their cultural or personal treasures with the world.  Why not you?

Why not you, indeed.  One of my own sub-goals is to create 1000 conscious, loving, strong, honest writers.   I believe they can change the world.  That WE can change the world, together.  But taking daily action to make that happen is another matter.

But you CANNOT get to action before you have chosen your goal, aligned within yourself and made the decision that you CAN and SHOULD reach for this. That it will bring more pleasure than pain into your life.

And you most certainly cannot reach for a goal if you can’t even say the words.   So this is where we start.  FIRST you decide what you desire to achieve, even if you have no idea how to accomplish it.  Go ahead.  Throw your hat in the ring.

Here’s a great question: what would you attempt to achieve if you knew you could not fail?  Then…is there an adult, rational version of this dream that is achievable, even if unlikely?  If there is, is there a road to it that would bring pleasure and growth along the way?   That would bring harm to none?   That allows you to contribute to your family, community, world?  Is it even POSSIBLE?

If so…open your heart enough to know you can risk disappointment, and admit that you want such a thing.  You haven’t yet committed to DOING it.  But first…admit you care.  You desire.  You burn with that fire.

That’s the first step.  Speak your truth.    All else follows.



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