Join us on LIFEWRITING today at 11am pst. Gratitude is the key.

Finding beauty, peace and joy in the midst of chaos is a key to mastery, or an evidence of it.    The “Secret Formula” is in many ways a tool to discover this mastery within you, a key to creating an “inner garden” in which your yin and yang aspects can grow and thrive.

Today, Independence Day 2015 we have the usual choices: to see the cosmic night, or the stars within.    Only a fool ignores the fact of the darkness.  And only a blind man ignores the light.

Join us on today’s LIFEWRITING SHOW  in a discussion of gratitude, on this day we celebrate the birth of our nation. Flaws and all…it is ours, and whether you are happy with its direction or seek change, you will thrive most by being focused, confident, active, joyous, and grateful.

Our goal: one million conscious, loving, adult human beings

Our method: one thousand conscious, loving, adult writers.

Join us at 11am pst

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444

Call ID: 137903


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