What’s your goal? Mine is…

My real goal is to create 1000 awake, aware, loving adult teachers and writers.  Meme-spreaders, in other words.   Race, gender, orientation, politics or nationality matters not at all.

To that end, I’ve had to travel down some pretty divisive and ugly paths to see how good people get so pressured, and why they can see the same world so differently.  I see it now, rooted in ideas of essence and existence (beyond logical resolution) and fear disguised as anger.

The question is “what to do?” about any number of apparently intractable issues.  Even MENTIONING them would simply cause a string of verbally violent back-and-forth.   Not worth my time.

What I believe is that we’ll get through all of it, that for 250 thousand years human beings have constantly been re-organizing at higher and higher levels of complexity…as life itself has for 3.5 billion years, or the universe has been doing for about 7.5 billion.  And there is conflict along the way. There will be more.

And for humans, there is nothing worse than seeing the problem without seeing the solution.  To me, the solution is in the fact that things change only so much in any given generation, and I no reason at all to believe that our grandchildren will be less than our grandparents.   Don’t need to believe humans are “good” or “bad”.  Seeking survival, and to minimize pain is enough.   The illusion is separation.  Connection is truth, and our future.

But there are also predators, and violence that arises when unequal or opposing forces collide.  Sigh. And we get through it as a species…but not everyone survives, so it is critical to be safe.

Just scanning the media, and reading over FB, there is so much pain, and fear, and exhaustion.

Remember the Matrix?   Humanity was sleeping, and the machines fed on us.   Similar to ideas that have been taught by enlightened masters for thousands of years: YOU ARE ASLEEP.  DEMONS FEED ON YOU AS YOU DREAM.  IT IS PAINFUL TO AWAKEN, BUT AWAKE, YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.

Wake up.  It is comfortable to take the Blue pill. Believe you are superior, that evil is “out there”, that chaos can be controlled.   The Red pill is a lot messier.

I see the path now.  My brothers and sisters are those who see the shared humanity, are not within the illusion of superiority on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or religion.  Can see the evil and the good on both sides.  I have no interest in changing anyone’s politics, and believe that the American Eagle needs both wings.

I DO believe that violence largely arises from anger, which arises from fear.   Deal with the fear FIRST, and about 99% of the violence goes away.  Not 100%, though.

Teachers and Writers.  That’s my leverage point.  And we all have the ability to be teachers. Every day you raise a healthy family, you are teaching. Every time an angry person fails to transfer their anger to you, you are teaching. Every time you demonstrate compassion, strength, love, healing, and creativity…wisdom, faith, protective spirit and transformation…you are teaching.

Writers?  My special people.   Specifically trying to transform their personal dreams into cultural dreams.   I cannot tally the value I’ve gained over the decades from writers and storytellers.   And know that a thousand of us can change the world.




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