I’ve had to warn someone that I have rules on my page for anyone who wants to discuss race or racially charged issues.

  1. They have to state clearly that they believe in equality between racial groups.
  2. A corollary to this is that they must agree that the playing field is uneven, and has been for centuries.
  3. Another corollary is that, while dysfunction obviously exists in the black community, they must agree that whites would have been just as dysfunctional (and blacks just as destructive and oblivious about their practices.  No racists allowed on either side of the issue.)
  4. They can complain about a social situation, but after three complaints, can expect to be asked to present their solutions or beliefs about the origin of the problems.   If those beliefs do not seem to align with #1-#3, they can be called on it.
  5. Except in relatively rare instances of pure predation, violence stems from anger, anger stems from fear.  Understand what people are afraid of and address that, and the anger dissolves and the violence decreases.  That is the core concept we are playing with to understand the problems on BOTH  sides.  And they are huge.   And the only answer is a combination of strength and love and clear communication.
  6. If they do not play by these rules, and insist on continuing to post racially-tinged comments, they will be banned.

That’s it.   I won’t discuss racism with racists PUBLICLY at a time when we’ve moved to brain-storming answers.     I’ve had people suggest I am denying them their freedom of speech.   That’s a laughable  misreading of the First Amendment, but whatever.  If I have to make a choice, it will be for those who believe in the unity of Humanity to have a safe place to share their fears and angers and  hurts.  I believe that the above rules will unfortunately exclude some innocents, but I think the mesh is fine enough to exclude those who believe their race is superior, and that is even more important.

Anyone can choose to change, and return to the discussion after having done so.   And I know and respect people with racist attitudes…I simply don’t let them comment on race on my public pages.   If they think they have something new to say, they can PM or email me.  But I’ve not heard anything new on the subject in over a decade: I think I’m done.  Surprise me, educate me, or go over to StormFront–they’ll love you there.




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