Surviving the Game

Next week, we’re going to Spokane for the World Science Fiction convention, where Tananarive will co-present the Hugo awards. She’ll be rockin’ Uhura’s uniform from Star Trek, and I think we’re going to have a blast.  And in celebration of that wonderful time to come, I”m going to have a special gift for everyone, something I’ll announce next week.

But today, we have to concentrate on more rewrites on the script we’ve been working on. The development process is long, and stressful and sometimes frustrating.  The race goes to those who can keep their eye on the ball, fight stress, and be flexible enough to change, change, change without losing their souls or basic balance.

Each of you has challenges.  I ask you to:

  1. Be very clear on your goals. Your end point. What will be your evidence of success?
  2. Be very clear on your reasons. Why do you want to do this or be this?   What are your deepest personal values?  These two must be in alignment, or you will not be able to sustain effort, and you will allow fear and stress to warp you out of true.
  3. Be very clear on the resources and actions that will take you to your goal, one day at a time

Once you are clear about these things, you will be capable of taking actions day after day, surviving disappointment, maintaining flexibility without losing your heart and soul, and enjoying the process instead of merely pursuing a goal.

No one can guarantee you will reach an external goal.  But if you have these properly aligned, you will win every day just in the nature of your efforts and experiences.    And that is what I want for you, because it is also your best bet for the external victory.



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