You’ve Got a Worldcon party favor coming…

You are a storyteller.  Every day of your life, you are communicating to yourself, your families, your co-workers, lovers, and customers. You are helping them understand your world, the world around them, the future they might share or create.

Get this right, and you create the relationships of your dreams, the career you deserve…and if you are actually a writer or have the dream to be such, you can finally publish your work, or build that body of work that might change the world.

Get this wrong, and your dreams will crash and burn in a nightmare of frustration.

In my own life, I got this wrong for twenty years, until I finally met real writers who showed me what I was doing wrong…and how to get it right.   So much wasted time and energy!

And once I found that key, it was possible to leverage my intelligence, ambition and energy to create best-selling, award-winning novels, write Emmy-winning television episodes, and create the life of my dreams. That body of work led to finding, wooing and winning my soulmate, American Book Award winning novelist Tananarive Due.  T is about to present the Hugo awards at the World Science Fiction convention next week…and we’re stoked. And in celebration, we’re going to have a present to give you in a few days that will blow your mind.

But right now, ask yourself a few questions:

1) Have you ever wanted to write a book, story, movie, or play?

2) How would becoming a better storyteller improve your life? Communication with your kids, customers, spouse?

3) What fears stop you from actually pursuing those skills, that goal?

4) Why aren’t you writing that book, story, movie RIGHT NOW?

If there is a part of you that yearns to sing, to share, to contribute, to find the creative (and financial!) freedom a thriving career can give you…then hold on tight.   Just a few days, and I’m gonna blow your mind!

Every life can be a creative life…


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