For One Week Only: The Lifewriting “Worldcon” Half price sale is here!

The Lifewriting “Worldcon Sale” is here!

We’re taking off for Spokane soon, and I’ve spent the last week getting ready for our first serious sale on the LIFEWRITING 10-WEEK HOME STUDY COURSE.

And its here, for one week only, in celebration of…oh, heck, all kindsa wonderful things happening right now in our lives.   We’re giving the store away, offering tons of extras, and CUTTING THE PRICE BY MORE THAN 50%.  That’s right.   Until Midnight next Wednesday the 26th you have an opportunity to get the drastically reduced price on our very best class, plus enough extras to keep you going for the next YEAR.  Including…wait for it…a FREE copy of the original LIFEWRITING YEAR LONG COURSE.  And more.  Much more.   Do yourself a favor, and get over to WWW.LIFEWRITINGWORKSHOP.COM right now.   Only until Midnight Wednesday the 26th of August, then this deal is gone forever.  Don’t miss out!

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