Your Life…One Successful Day At A Time


I’ve been promising something special to celebrate the World Science Fiction Convention, and here it is.  We created a special video applying the “Secret Formula” concept specifically to a writing career, but make no mistake: the SF can be applied to ANYTHING you want to accomplish, so long as you

  1. Have a clear goal with a plan for its accomplishment expressed in continuous action, with a clear definition of “success”.
  2. Unwavering faith that you can and should do it, and that the efforts will bring you more pleasure than pain.
  3. A clear understanding of the DAILY ACTION you need to perform, such that a 10-1000 such days would accomplish your goal.
  4. A sense of GRATITUDE for your life, right here and now, so that you live every day with a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

Once you understand this concept, you can create almost anything you want. More importantly, you START with the actual emotions most people have been conned into believing they must wait to experience “some day.”  Nonsense.    Joy, fulfillment, and passion…the sense of making continuous progress…is yours NOW.

Find out how!

Namaste, Steve

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