So I gave “Fear The Walking Dead” a chance…

Walking Dead Star Trek

After giving up on THE WALKING DEAD due to a pervasive sense of disrespect of their black male characters (starting with Tyreese I.0 (“T-Dog”)  and 2.0 and outward from there)   I gave FEAR THE WALKING DEAD a chance, and in 90 minutes they ran face-first into the same issues the original show did, almost as if they were announcing their sensibilities proudly. Is David Duke an executive producer on these damned things? It felt like a message. “Ah! Interracial sexual tension! But don’t worry, heres (another?) black guy who is just a another drug dealer, and incompetent enough to be killed by a junkie in withdrawal, even with a gun! Then he becomes a zombie, too incompetent to bite any one properly! Then we get to see him killed multiple times, becoming our first fatality! All is well with the world!”
These shows are now flirting with open racism.   I don’t believe they don’t know what they are doing.  I see only two likely choices.  The first is that they have very deep unconscious issues, and justify their choices by deleting the perspectives that make their choices obvious and demeaning. Like everyone else, they see what they want to see.

The other choice is: they are deliberately playing to something in their audience, something ugly and afraid of certain social changes. And if so…they are actively evil.   And the popularity of these shows, given certain issues that have been in the news over the last years, is as ugly a statement of the collective unspoken terror and hate within certain segments of the population, probably buried deep enough that they don’t have to deal with it consciously, as I’ve ever seen. 


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  1. look at how TWD treat Michonne…they are too afraid to give her a story line. It’s going on 5 season and we don’t know that much about her, how her son died or her last name or what her job was…it’s like she is just there with a sword, that’s all.


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