Psst…want to know the future?

What would you give to know the future? To KNOW where you will be in three years?  Well, I’m about to give you a way to sneak a peek…


We had a good response to the comments on Procrastination yesterday, so I thought I’d go into that more deeply.   What is Procrastination?   ANYTHING you are putting off that interrupts your constant flow of mastery.

The first step in achieving a better result in life is to get an accurate assessment of WHAT IS GOING ON????

So long as you remain in denial about procrastinating, or being “stuck” you cannot even leverage your intelligence and resources to BEGIN to change.  I know a man who literally spent TEN YEARS working on a story (which ballooned into a book, which became a trilogy) and it wasn’t until he had wasted twenty years of his life that he finally realized he was blocked.  Twenty years.  What if he’d realized he had this problem in 30 days?   He could have made adjustments, gathered resources, gained new allies, found ways to interrupt the negative pattern…or decided to do something else with his life.

You have to learn as fast as possible, because that is the only way to adjust to a changing world, or learn our own strengths and weaknesses before we are too old and tired to do anything about it.

And there is a simple way to start getting this feedback, to learn WHAT’S GOING ON? in a few days, get all the core information you need every 24 hours.  Interested?


T and I created the concept of “The Machine” or “The Garden.”  This is the overall living/dynamic structure of daily action which,  if you maintain it for a thousand days, will take you to the next level  of your life.

In writing, for a Newbie that might well be reading 10k a day, writing 1k a day, finishing a story a week or every other week, and keeping them in the mail until they sell.  Don’t start a novel until you have sold ten stories.   Do this, and in three years you will have written/marketed 75-150 stories.  Trust me, you will be a very very different writer, far better read, with deeply ingrained positive habits, and knowledge of the publishing industry.  

What are the things that would then be the “procrastination” that interrupts this cycle?

  1. Not reading
  2. Not writing
  3. Not finishing.
  4. Not submitting
  5. Not re-submitting
  6. Working on long projects before you have mastered shorter form.
  7. Not studying your craft, market, audience.
  8. Not dealing with your own negative emotions and fear of failure or success.

EVERYONE has emotional issues that stop them from functioning at peak levels.  And unless you are in peak physical condition, earn great money doing something you love, and bonded to your soulmate, yes I’m probably talking about you too.

If you can create a “machine” (something to build and maintain) or “garden” (something to plant, prune, and nurture daily) that is a daily commitment.  EVERY DAY.  The “Daily Ritual” is designed to do this.  In a single hour a day  I could:

  1. Write and polish 3000 words a week
  2. Meditate
  3. Clarify my goals
  4. Achieve basic fitness

All in an hour a day. The average adult watches over three hours of television a day.  If you are reading this on Facebook, a blog or whatever…you have the time. You are not investing it.

So create a Daily Ritual. Start:

  1. With a “Five Minute Miracle”–every three hours take sixty seconds to breathe deep, slow and diaphragmatically.   IF YOU SAY YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO DO THIS, YOU ARE LYING.
  2. Move this up to fifteen minutes a day.  Exercise while chanting affirmations and focusing on your goals.   This accomplishes a gigantic amount in a VERY short period of time.   Experience says that if you do this, you will also do that basic 1000 words a day (or whatever represents your basic “nut.”

This is the “gateway.”   If you add pure meditation time (say heartbeat or Ancient Child) GREAT!  You’re motoring.  But start with the “Five Minute Miracle”, which prevents stress from hurting you. The “morning ritual” programs you for success and positivity. And here is the trick:

Anyone has the time to do these things. They require no money.  No equipment. And by committing to doing them DAILY you get feedback every 24 hours.   THAT teaches you where you are. If you aren’t keeping this basic commitment, you KNOW that 1000 days from now, you’ll still be stuck, because not only are you  not doing these basic foundational things for yourself, but you are “stuck” emotionally, and not being honest with yourself.

If you aren’t honest with yourself, you CANNOT have an accurate map of reality. And without an accurate map, no matter how powerful the “vehicle” you build, you will never reach your goals.

So…start with the smallest piece.  GET IT RIGHT.  Then, once you have that locked in, move to the next piece. And then the next, and the next.

Build your “machine”.  Tend your “garden.”    The best investment of 300 seconds you could ever make.  




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