If I was broke and starting from scratch…this is what I’d do

If I had to start over, was homeless and broke, how would I start climbing back up on my feet?  What advice would I give/want to get about how to get my financial life on track in 90 days, six hours a day?

  1. I would use a Morning Ritual to shift my emotions, strengthen my body, and focus my intent.  This sets me up for the day: the ability to use the “Secret Formula” (Goals X Faith X Action X Gratitude) every day, which is about the most one can do to take control of your life.
  2. Specifically study and implement marketing and sales skills.   The flaw in the money map lies in a finite number of arenas:
    1. no clear goals
    2. Not taking daily action
    3. No executed plan to refine skills that appeal to a market
    4. inability to market (convince your market that your product solves their problem)
    5. Inability to sustain enthusiasm and positive drive
    6. inability to sell (close the sale)
    7. inability to collect the money.
    8. inability to protect/safely invest the money once you have it.
  3. There is only one arena I know of today that allows you to start with NOTHING and, if you can balance your emotions and maintain focus, build up to any level of success you have the heart, mind, and energy to attain.  And that is internet marketing, specifically internet marketing.  After six years of study on the subject, the conclusion is that this really is possible–I’ve identified and studied dozens of people who did it, and references to many hundreds of others.  It is NOT “get rich quick”, regardless of what people promise.  But you can, in essence, build your own business.  Create a job from “scratch”.  Out of work, but willing and able to work eight hours a day?  Have no skills or product to sell?   Here’s a plan that would work for anyone who can read these words,  because you are:
  1. someone with access to the internet (at home, a friend’s, a library, Starbucks, Mcdonald’s)
  2. intelligent enough to parse language, extract meaning from symbols.
  3. read and write English.
  4. enough time to get onto Facebook or the Web.  Yeah, you have the time. Don’t lie to yourself.

Got it?   Anyone want to say they don’t?   I thought not.  Add the “Morning Ritual”, and now you have a way to keep your emotions steady, and fight off the inner demons.  That sets you up for action.   So…what do you do?

  1. Get an email account.  Free at Gmail.
  2. Get a Paypal account.  Free at Paypal.com
  3. Start with Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace.   Find products you actually love: movies, books, higher-ticket items BUT YOU MUST ACTUALLY LOVE THEM.  Preferably use them, or know someone who has.   Your REAL enthusiasm is critical: sales is a transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another.
  4. Go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ and sign up for an affiliate account.  This is just like getting a 100% commission job to sell vacuum cleaners or Shakley door to door.
  5. Now…spend five hours a day writing posts for blogs, websites, FB fan pages, or whatever, giving an HONEST evaluation of the product you’ve chosen, why you love it, how you use it, whatever. Paint a rosey picture.   Post your affiliate link with the article.  Do five of these a day, minimum, for 90 days.  Every time someone clicks on your link, you’ll earn about 10%, which can be sent to your bank or Paypal account.
  6. One hour a day, study sales and marketing.   Start with the information on Amazon.  Google “internet marketing” and you’ll find endless ‘Gurus” trying to sell you their systems.  BUY NOTHING FROM THEM. But sign up for ALL their newsletters.   They will send you free information on how to sell and market on the internet.  Devour it.  Find the things they all say in common. This will be your “critical path” through the bullshit.
  7. Once you start making money, re-invest 10-20% in your marketing education.   Note which “gurus” seem to be most in alignment with your own worldview and values.   Experiment with creating FB pages, WordPress blogs, Youtube channels, all discussing cool products you’ve found and use, with your affiliate links.  BE HONEST.  Over time you will start developing traffic, IF AND ONLY IF people feel you are trustworthy.
  8. As suggested, study and hour a day and post at LEAST five links every day for 90 days.   Every imaginable demon will rise up from your mind and try to stop you. This is all of the fear, tangled values and warped beliefs about money, sales, or marketing that have stopped you.  Beliefs about what you don’t deserve in life, or how the world will cripple and stomp you if you poke your head up.  These demons must be confronted and dealt with, if you want to have a life.
  9. After about ten hours of study, you’ll start having ideas about web sites, new tactics, whatever. Expand beyond Amazon–go out on the web, find other goods and services with “affiliate” programs, and if you like them, sign up to sell and promote their products.    STUDY STUDY STUDY.  Plan on becoming an EXPERT.   If you have bad feelings about sales, ask: why?   Haven’t you purchased things that you loved?  Weren’t those things sold to you, marketed to you?   Weren’t you grateful someone brought them to your attention?  Where PRECISELY did you get the impression that sales was something intrinsically corrupt?  Would you sell bread to a hungry man?  What in the world would be wrong with that?
  10. Give 10% of what you earn to your favorite charity.  (Yeah, when I asked about that hungry man, you said: “I’d give it to him!” didn’t you.  Here’s a hint: if someone is drowning, unless you are a lifeguard, don’t get in the water and drown with them.   Stand on the dock and throw them a life preserver)    Knowing that you are of benefit to the world, that your success helps others, helps you fight back against your demons.  Your inner world has a massive impact on your outer.

And…there you have it. A 90-day plan to create your own business, starting from NOTHING.    

  1. Daily Ritual to focus and balance your emotions
  2. Affiliate marketing to learn the ropes and start your cash flow.  Spend five hours a day posting at least five links
  3. Study internet marketing for an hour every day.

Look, you’ll do as much or as little of the above as is your nature.  But I honestly believe that if you can do it for 90 days, you’ll enter a new world, a world of providing value to people seeking honest exchange.   You can start here, and build to any level you want.

What if you are already employed, but wish to create a second stream of income?  Spend an hour doing this: 1/2 hour of study, 1/2 hour of link posting, at least one a day.

And what if you have a product or service to offer?  After 90 days, you’ll know how to sell it. Trust me.

Who would like me to do a Webinar on this subject?





    1. You are totally welcome. I’m creating a course on the subject, but wanted to get this out to everyone FAST, so you can begin TODAY. Remember the most important points:

      1) Do your ‘daily ritual” to keep your emotions balanced and positive. CRITICAL. Your demons WILL try to stop you!
      2) Learn, learn, learn. Be a sponge. Have confidence that you CAN do it, but realistic enough to know that you are just beginning a journey. In 90 days, you will be an “advanced beginner.” But only if you learn every single day. Google “affiliate internet marketing”. Sign up for the newsletters. Do NOT buy anything! But read everything they send you, until it’s coming out of your ears.
      3) Sign up for an affiliate program through something like Amazon. Study what they say about “how to do it.” Do what they say.
      4) If you want to do this full-time, STUDY for an hour a day, and spend FIVE hours a day posting affiliate links articles, and comments on blogs, websites, FB groups and on and on. Learn, learn learn. EVERY DAY LEARN SOMETHING NEW.
      5) ONLY promote products you have used and loved, or have directly observed trusted others use and love. Your honest enthusiasm is the key.
      6) 90 days. Your first thirty days will be pure learning. But if you do this, you will probably make your first sales before day 45. And then…you’re on your way.

      Good luck!


  1. Steven, thank you so much for this post. I have been thinking about doing this for the past few months but couldn’t figure out how/where to jump in. This is perfect. I’ve done a number of your programs and you led me to scott sonnen. You are a giver! Keep it up.


  2. Webinar? Perhaps. I got this email from you the day after I asked the “powers that be” for help to find something to augment my job and eventually become an alternative. Perfect timing.


    1. Will do. But…don’t wait for me. Don’t give your money to ANYONE until you’ve made some. Get started TODAY by signing up for an affiliate program (if you can’t find another one, use Amazon). Your minimum investment if you are serious: 1/2 hour a day studying, 1/2 hour a day posting links. If you are desperate? 1 hour a day studying, 4-5 hours a day posting. Do this for 100 days. Change your life. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!


  3. For the email you suggest in #1, do you recommend an email that is not my real name?

    I ask because I once used my regular, personal email account on something that was public facing, and was inundated with people trying to sell me stuff that was totally unrelated. So, same here, is it better to use a pseudonym?


    1. I’d definitely suggest a business email. Pseudonym, no–what you are selling is honesty. This is why you ONLY promote products and services you have used, or have personal knowledge of others using, and can approve of.


  4. Wondering if you can recommend some books or websites from which I can study, study, study about the things you mention here – affiliate programs, monetizing, etc. There is a lot of stuff online, so much of which wants to sell you something. Guess I am just looking for some targeted learning along with all the Googling I am doing about this.


    1. There’s a guy named Tellman Knudson who is an honest broker of this information (a little weird, but really cool!) I’d suggest signing up for his newsletters. Another solid source of information is Jeff Walker, whose book “Launch” is eye opening…but if you Google him, you’ll see how to get his newsletters as well. SPEND NO MONEY UNTIL YOU’RE MAKING MONEY from the free information. Sign up for as many newsletters as you want, study them for an hour a day, implement for an hour a day (or 30/30). And three months from now, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to move forward.


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