Hi!  I’ve been so looking forward to this week.   The Inaugural Firedance Tai Chi workshop will be this Saturday October 3, 10am, at the LASFS clubhouse 6012 Tyrone Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91401, from 10 to 3.

I’ve taught Tai Chi to thousands of students for almost thirty years, but NEVER a workshop like this, where I’ll have more time for individualized attention, going deeper, and helping every student create a “morning ritual” of movement, thought, and emotion that will power your day in just fifteen minutes.  An absolutely amazing technique, and I’m dying to share it.

We still have eight spots for the workshop, and if you are interested, please go to:   http://www.diamondhour.com/TaiChi.en.html


Registration will open at 9:30.   Please be on time! Some important considerations:

1) Be well rested.

2) Wear loose clothing

3) Bring water, a yoga/exercise mat, and a light lunch.

4) Be responsible for your wellness.    NEVER go above a “3” on a scale of 1-10 in terms of pain.   RESPECT YOUR BODY.

5) Bring a notebook.  Recording is recommended.  Cell phone videos rule!

6) Bring a sense of PLAY.  We learn faster when we are having fun!

7) This is the very first time this material is being presented in this way. Please forgive any rough edges!

8) I will send this out again via email, so keep your eyes peeled!

9) Please empty your cup.  Some of you will be coming with previous martial or Tai Chi experience.  I honor that.   We’re going to approach this subject from a rather unique body/mind perspective, and I need you to be open to a different way of examining the processes of flow and structure.

10) Come with an intent.  Something you need/want to work on, that you are prepared to share with the group. Let us support you.

11) YOU are the workshop. You will only get out of it what you put into it: your honest emotions, intent, and movement.

12) Get ready to play!

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