Four gifts for you

Four gifts for you

We’re doing a lot of interesting things over here, and one of them is asking: what do people want? What can we offer to help you in your concerns, goals, needs?   Many readers appreciate our thoughts about the artistic life, specifically that of the writer.   So many people want to write either fiction or non-fiction that it is sometimes kinda scary.   So we’re going to dive a little deeper into that, and have a couple of gifts for you.

  1. A free mini-course on the Hero’s Journey connected to life and art.  You can sign up for it at
  2. A free webinar on “The Four Huge Mistakes Made by New Writers.”  You can sign up for THAT at:

But even before you sign up, I can tell you one of the mistakes New Writers make: they let fear stop them.  Wow. Such a huge one!  So the “free course” includes a couple of fear-smashing techniques which, if you’ve never used or heard of, will flat blow your mind

Ask yourself: what would you attempt, or achieve, if irrational fear did not inhibit you?  If the “voices in your head” did not stop you from reaching for your dreams?

What would your life look like if you had internal permission to GO FOR IT?

Just gaining clarity on that single thing can change your life, because it can motivate you to find the resources needed to push onward, or find the door through, the ladder over, or the tunnel under your obstructions.

It’s your life.   Claim it!

Write with passion…


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