Is your creative spark dying?

Was there a time in your life you wanted to be a writer? Artist?  Composer?   Did you let that dream die?  Well, today at 6pm pst my wife Tananarive and I are going to do a free Webinar on the “Three Massive Mistakes” made by new writers.

But you know something? I realized that this isn’t just for people who want to write novels or films.  It is also for poets, painters, singers, dancers. Anyone who wants to refine and improve their artistic skills, or find a way to market them so that they can be full-time, or at least supplement their income.

And that means that if you are just a little creative…and I know you are…you’ll be able to hear what we’re saying about WRITING with an open heart that will allow you to apply these principles to anything.  Anything that involves excellence, self-expression, commercial success or artistic accomplishment.

If you ever had those dreams, and wish to reclaim them…

If you already have an artistic career, and want to take it to the next level…

If you know or love an artist and want to be a better ally to her…

Then join us tonight.  Listen, watch, learn, and ask any questions you want!



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