Talk about “first draft syndrome”…we made a TON of mistakes…and still had a great time!

Dear {!firstname_fix}:

Our “Three Massive Mistakes New Writers Make…” webinar could have been called “Three Massive Mistakes New Webinar Leaders Make…” We started late, our audio fluxed, we didn’t have a hard-wired connection to our computer, and we couldn’t use the studio location we’d planned on and ended up using my joyfully junky office…but it was still a hit!  We CRAMMED information into our hour-long presentation, and then answered as many questions as we could.
But then we didn’t have the replay button ready, and even the opportunity to enroll in the LIFEWRITING TEN WEEK course was hidden beneath pages of text.  Sigh.   So sorry.  Luckily, our happy audience forgave us and gave serious “thumbs-up” saying things like “enlightening” “life-changing” “inspiring” and my personal favorite: “you guys are awesome,  thank you so much!”
Anyway, if you missed it, or got bogged down in the text, here is a much simpler page to just sit back and enjoy the video.    We’ve also pushed the sale back 24 hours so that you have a full 72 hour window to get the special rate.
Steve and Tananarive

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