An INSANELY powerful incantation!

I’ve spoken of the power of morning rituals, of chanting an incantation WHILE moving with power and authority. Walking, dancing, yoga, Tai Chi, running, Tibetans. It doesn’t matter, but move and chant AT THE SAME TIME. I came across a very powerful incantation recently, by Thomas Anderson:
“Now I am the voice. I will LEAD, not follow. I will CREATE, not destroy. I am a FORCE FOR GOOD. I am a LEADER. I will DEFY THE ODDS. I will Set a NEW STANDARD. Step Up. STEP UP. STEP UP!!”
Anyone who could chant this for 15-45 minutes while moving continuously, and deal positively with the demons in their head screaming doubt and fear as they do (the “little you” will do ANYTHING to stop you from growing!) is someone I’d be proud to watch my back. I’d bet on them to prevail against anything life can throw at them.

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