The Awakened Entrepreneur

I heard online entrepreneur Marie Forleo say that if you’re in a job, and you don’t want to be your boss, you might be in the wrong business.  

First, I want to see who agrees with this.  

Second, if true, I’d like to examine the implications.  Since I don’t know  your answer to the first,  let’s go directly to the second.

My core life goal has achieved greater clarity:  the creation of one million awake, aware, adult human beings.    To accomplish this, for instance, I continue to refine my approach such that I want to create a thousand awakened writers, a thousand awakened martial artists, a thousand awakened lovers, and a thousand awakened entrepreneurs.   Those are the four arenas where I believe I have something to offer, and those people, trained to touch other lives, can accomplish the rest.  “Each one teach ten,” as it were.  I’m doing a morning core-dump, so the best thing I can do is to just empty my head and list, rather than try to organize carefully.

  1. A powerful road to awakening is balance: to simultaneously seeking acceleration and mastery in the most basic aspects of life: love, health, hunting and gathering.   
  2. There are both inner and outer aspects of each, and both must be mastered to achieve real success.
  3. “Mastery” can be defined as   ability to perform your discipline in flow, under stress.
  4. The following are artificial but very useful distinctions: your “child” self, your “adult” self, and your “deathbed self”.  The child has the dreams, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, love and sheer ecstatic life force.  Your “deathbed” self holds your deepest values and spiritual self, existence beyond ego.   The “adult” self merely navigates the world on a silver thread connecting the two: to act every day in alignment with both your childhood dreams and deathbed values.
  5. The most intimate is connection to our own hearts. The most expansive will be our finances (all money is gained by exchange with others).   Fitness and relationships can be seen as links in this chain.  Therefore, by looking at the connection between our hearts (say, Heartbeat Meditation, Ancient Child) and our careers/finances, we are forced to anchor the end points of that chain.   The middle “links”–our fitness, our relationships with others–can be supported and easily examined for flaws.

While students commonly share “wounds” in these center links, if you come from self-love, with the values and behaviors that implies…and also provide service to your community anchored with the kind of self-respect that protect your income and finances, you have one hell of a foundation for life.  Yes, you can start with any of these links, but if you handle survival, sex, power, and love you have a superb foundation for growth to intellectual clarity and spiritual awareness.


So…”the awakened entrepreneur” is not a bad starting place.  Heal yourself?  Check. Happy and grateful?  Check.    Moving beyond fear?  Check.  Serving the world?  Check. Providing a role-model of possibility?  Check.

Remember the Biblical parable of Satan offering Christ “all the world” if only He would serve hell?  That is the lure of chasing money or sex for its own sake.  Yes, you can be a “winner” in that game.  But losing your soul is a very real danger.

So…how do you do it?    The answer cannot QUITE be put into words, any more than you can describe a salad thoroughly enough to nurture your body.  But we can point toward the path of experience.  In essence tell you where YOU can buy, or how YOU can make a salad. Then, if you consume it, you will have direct experience, and draw your own conclusions. There is no profound knowledge to be gained second-hand.

If the greatest wounds I see are in self-love and finances, then let’s heal them both at the same time.

Which takes me back to the initial question.     Should you work in a job where you wouldn’t want to be the boss?

  1. Well, you will almost have to at some point in your life.  Work is hunting and gathering, on the most basic level. Just sustenance.  Be grateful you HAVE a job!  Use that time to gain greater clarity about what you want, who you are, and what the world is.   And make your plans to move in that direction.
  2. But as you become conscious, you need to find a way to align your actions with your “is-ness.”  With your heart and intent.   The money-centric question is: “how can I make the most money, and then use that to support my joy in life?” And that is dynamite, it really is.  Some of the best and most interesting people live life this way.
  3. I think there is another Way, which is more in alignment with my own essence: “What is it that I am, most deeply, what Way of being most touches my soul?” and then, frankly: “how do I monetize it?”  Remember–there is nothing wrong with this. It is simply sharing your beauty with a tribe of humans who share your value, and then exchanging value for value.  Creation of value MUST be combined with marketing and sales, or you will be one of those artists or healers living in poverty. That might be fun in your 20’s, but by 35 or so it gets a little wearying.   You are abandoning your “child” self, letting her eat candy for breakfast. Someone needs to be the adult, or you are in serious trouble.
  4. The path of life includes both finding mentors and becoming one yourself.   If your own goal is to hunt and gather in alignment with your heart, then you must exemplify this.  In my own life, I learned to make a living doing what I’d do for free: writing.   And am currently studying the masters of business, to see how this applies to other career and life paths, so that I can teach it.  
  5. Mentoring is so critical in human life that without it, we’re not much smarter than chimpanzees. Really.   The idea that we make it alone is a joke, unless you taught yourself to walk, and talk, and read in a vacuum.   Yeah, right.   So as you think of how you can teach others, you must also think about how you will learn yourself. And the fastest way to progress along any path is to find people who are further along the path than you, and model their behavior, thought patterns and emotions.
  6. A perfect example of this is to work for someone you would want to be.   Such that every day you can observe, even at a distance, who and what they are and what they do and how they act and react.   If their behavior or character is not in alignment with your own values, you will ideally find a new job, with a new boss, until you WOULD be happy on that life path.  And then…give it everything you’ve got.
  7. So should you work at a job where you wouldn’t want to be boss?   Yes…to hunt and gather and not be worried about the rent and basic needs. Chop wood, carry water.   But your life is yours, so if you would avoid resentment and existential fatigue you need to understand every day how working there is serving that child within you, and in alignment with the Ancient one drawing her last breaths.   To the degree that you can find that joy and service, you will be happy.    You owe yourself that joy, don’t you?

Every day is the first day of the rest of your life.  It is also the last day of the first of your life. The balance point is both GO FOR IT and LOVE WHERE YOU ARE.   The fastest way to change includes being grateful for where you are RIGHT NOW.

Understanding that balance is critical. And one way to achieve it is to see how what you are doing today leads to your ultimate destiny.  And a way to do that is to be learning and growing and modeling and serving…right where you are.

You can’t PUT me in a job where I can’t learn something about myself, humanity, or the world. And if my understanding of any of those things deepens…so does my soul.



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