Baby, it’s cold outside

Just got this blurb this morning:



The Ancient Child meditation is the most powerful and effective meditation

I’ve ever done. A daily practice has me more focused on three things:

my professional goals, the life I want to live, and the woman I want to be.

I highly recommend this meditation for every man and woman on Earth.


And as a side note for you: the meditation has me honoring little girl me

and deathbed me. Life is a series of choices, and I want to honor and

respect both aspects of myself.


I can’t thank you enough for sharing this meditation with the world.







There are just a few pieces of the “Awakened Adult” puzzle that seem central to me.  The “Ancient Child” is one such piece, which is why it is incorporated into STAR WARS SAVED MY LIFE, my first non-fiction book. It ain’t perfect, but it is a pretty clear statement of a path by which a soul can progress.  Not the only path, not even the best.  But an honest path.


It is powerful because it uses a simple but deceptively complex rubric–”life is lived best when you live in alignment with both your childhood desires (the Dream) and your ultimate values, those you will hold on your deathbed (enlightenment).   The Awakened Adult seeks to navigate both simultaneously, to operate in the “Dream” world with an eye on the “Real.”


To “be in the world, but not OF the world” is a statement of this.  As is the concept of the “Householder Yogi”, which is one way to describe my own path.


In short, the process is to learn to listen to the “voice” of your “inner child.”  And then the “voice” of your inner elder, eschewing any illusion that you can avoid death.  And then live with joy and purpose as you walk the path between them.


One thing that results is living in alignment with your values.   In the Bible, there is a moment when Satan offers Christ all the wealth of the world if he will but bow before him.  Wonderful metaphor.   In more mundane terms, there will come moments when you will be offered power, money, fame, ego-boost, or sex if you will only abandon your values.


In yoga there is an idea that as you progress the spiritual path you develop powers such as precognition, unusual charisma, the unnatural ability to generate wealth, and so forth.  These things appear in your “peripheral vision” as you walk the path. If you focus on them, you leave the path, lose your way, and they evaporate…and you may not be able to find your way back onto the path.


If you keep your eyes on the actual goal–awakening to what is true–these other things come to you automatically.  You can enjoy them, be amused by them, integrate them into your life, but must NOT pursue them. It is so damned easy to become lost.


A month ago I had a conversation with a lady who is lost.  She is moderately famous, and rails constantly against dishonesty, manipulation, certain political positions, and so forth.  She condemns these things .  


But…she exhibits many of the precise same qualities she objects to, which she believes are destroying the world, or our country.


She complains about exaggeration, and exaggerates about it.

She complains about people who generalize to condemn, and generalizes to condemn.

She complains about identity politics, but practices them.

She complains about people not taking responsibility, but when challenged on ugly behavior, points her finger and says “THEY do it!”


And she followed the cheers of a poisonous crowd, upping the ante on her act until she actually achieved a certain minor level of fame, surrounded by a sycophantic echo chamber


I woke up this morning, and heard her “child” crying.   How far off the path of actually living in accordance with childhood dreams of joy and love must she be?   How out of alignment with the values that will actually remain at the end of life, after all ego has fled, and the roar of the crowd has proven to be nothing but the echoes of braying donkeys  every Awakened Adult knows them to be?   

How much fear is masquerading as love or strength?   

I feel so sorry for her. She has lost her way. She is standing in the rain, outside the road house where those who actually walk the path gather, warming themselves, sharing company and building a fire of meaning, love and connection.  She watches them pluck  the thorns out of their children’s flesh and cries “why are you talking about thorns all the time???”

It was sadness I felt this morning.  But then…I read that blurb, and know that I’m doing the work, to the best of my ability. That all I have to do is live one day at a time with the greatest integrity I can.  That my child, deep in my heart, sings to me, comforts me, wipes away my tears.


People say: “why do you bother with her?  When will you cut your ties?”   They are not my ties.  My connection is to the Path, not to any things or people I meet along the way.   I believe that her engagements with me are a cry for help.  I have,  many times, sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  And the wonderful men and women who have mentored me did not throw me away, did not discount me, opened the door again and again and welcomed me to the fire…if I would leave my ego at the door.


I will leave signs for her saying “this way to truth.  This way to awakening.”  It is up to her to travel the road. She is not on it, but hallucinates that she is, which tells me that she yearns to be free, and honest, and live in love instead of what may well be one of the deepest wells of self-loathing I’ve encountered.


There is nothing in her to fear, or generate anger.  Just the hope that she finds peace and love.  


And when she does…


The fire will be here, waiting.




(The Ancient Child can be found at:


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