Cleaning your Nutribullet

I have a Nutribullet mini-blender (powerful engine with a small blending container = a heck of a lot of concentrated force) and love it, but when the seal doesn’t work perfectly, gunk gets into the works and mucks it up. I went online to find info on how to clean it, and came up with a bunch of instructions that said to disassemble the entire device. I was frustrated with that until I realized that it was gunky because of food products, and those products had once been fluid, and then set. So…I put about three inches of water in a pan, boiled it, unplugged the Nutribullet and turned it upside down, submerging only the top three inches (NOT the engine!) in the hot water for 30 seconds. Wiped it down. Screwed the blending cup onto it about three times to be sure nothing was sticking. Good as freakin’ new.



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